Thursday, November 28, 2013

Collin Foods ASX - Like fried chicken and want to invest in KFC ?

how to invest in KFC in australia

Who does not like chicken ? - Chicken has always been of the more popular foods due to it being white meat , high in protein and  no health  risks in  comparisons to some other meats. So it would make sense if you actually think that this would be a good investment based on this general  information.


But picking stocks is not as simple as that ,  and punters should always do their research  before investing . However what we are focussing on  today on is Collin foods which we have featured on our blog before as a stock with potential. Collin foods is in the fried chicken sector , more specifically KFC.

Its currently trading @ $1.77

Jim Collins is the founder of the Collins Foods Limited, a franchisee of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Southern California, accepted the franchise for KFC in Queensland in 1968 and the first restaurant opened on 16th July 1969 at Kedron in Brisbane.

Collins foods has just announced that they are entering western Australia territory and expanding  and has announced that it is acquiring Competitive Foods, the franchisee of 44 KFC restaurants in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

This is going o add to their portfolio of  125 KFC fast food outlets, mainly in Queensland with a couple in NSW, as well as 27 Sizzler restaurants across Queensland, NSW and WA.

The acquisition will give Collins foods  a total of 169 KFC stores

This good news is also to be taken into consideration with the news that Collins Foods reported a 17% fall in net profit to $6.2 million for the six months to October 13, compared to the previous period. This could be attributed to Sizzler sales revenues have declined, this time by a hefty 9.1%

While the KFC store sales growth was up 1.3%, they are also increasingly losing sales to rival Dominos(ASX: DMP)  and also fresh new outlets  like Nandos , SALSA outlets ,  and also New franchisees Guzman & Gomez, Grilld Burgers and Crust Pizza owned by Retail Food Group (ASX: RFG)

We like to recommend this  stock to our viewers , but as always  do your own research before you invest and also have a read od what the fools have to say over here .If  they BOOST their sizzler earnings  and give  a bit of plus to their KFC earnings as well  , this could be a  diamond in the rough.


Link to their –>   CKF First Half Results Presentation (28/11/2013)

Listed directors for Collins foods as of today

Mr Russell Tate (Chairman)
Mr Kevin Perkins (Managing Director, CEO)
Mr Stephen Copulos (Non Exec. Director)
Mr Newman Manion (Non Exec. Director)
Ms Bronwyn Morris (Non Exec. Director)

For more information on Collins Foods Limited, click here.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Westpac beats the profit banks

Australian banking giant Westpac on Monday posted a 14 percent jump in full-year net profit with all their core divisions performing well, making it a a bumper year for the country's major lenders in the banking sector.

Westpac, the country's second largest bank, said all of its operations contributed higher revenue and earnings. They also said that there was stronger demand for home loans and solid growth in customer deposits.

Chief executive Gail Kelly said 'I am very pleased with our 2013 result. It demonstrates strength, consistency, careful balancing of growth and return, and disciplined execution of our strategy,'.

Earnings were Aus$6.82 billion (US$6.44 billion), compared with Aus$5.97 billion the previous year.These results follows a record annual profit reporting last week for ANZ Bank, up 11 percent to Au s$6.3 billion, and a 33.6 percent  jump to Aus$5.45 billion for National Australia Bank.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Mining Expo | Diggers and Dealers 2013 Australia

The Diggers and Dealers is one of the major mining expo events in western Australia  that attracts many heavyweights and small time miners in the mining industry. Its been historically been held in the “mining town of kalgoorlie”  for years now.

EVENT DATE: Kalgoorlie 5-7 August 2013 - Diggers and Dealers Mining Conference 

Kalgoorlie is a historic gold mining town in Western Australia. It is also known as Kalgoorlie Boulder after its neighbouring township. The city was founded on goldfields in 1893 and 50 mines still operate in the district today, mining for gold and other minerals.

Australia Diggers 2012 Dealers Conference Africa Asia

Every mining town has its entertainment spots .In its golden days Kalgoorlie was filled with cowboys, gambling and brothels. Even Today there are adult entertainment venues specially for the mineworkers  with brothels in Hay Street, a major drawcard for Kalgoorlie tourism. Langtrees 181 is a renovated bordello, where each room has a different theme depicting the lives of the women who once worked here.

Diggers and Dealers attracts overy 2,500 delegates from the mining, exploration and professional services industries in Australia. This mining forum and gathering will be celebrating its 21stbirthday this year.

The keynote speakers for Diggers and dealers 2013 are

Feature Keynote speakers:

Mr Austan Goolsbee, former Chief Economic Advisor to President Obama will present the key note presentation on Monday 5 August 2013

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Map of Kalgoorlie  Diggers n dealers 2013

Map picture

Restaurants OR PLACES TO EAT in Kalgoorlie for diggers n dealers 2013

kalgoorlie restaurant listing  diggers n dealers 2013

Pic from :


Ticket price and Attendance Fee Schedule 2013

Ticket Details Cost inc GST per ticket
Full Delegate Pass Includes access to the presentation sessions, exhibitor marquee, all day catering and 3 evening socials $1950
Limited Delegate Pass Includes access to all of above except the Wednesday social - Westrac Gala Dinner $1635
Day Pass - Monday or Tuesday Cost per day is $950 per person. The ticket includes access to the specific day's programme and the evening function on the particular day chosen. $950
Wednesday Day Pass Cost for the day is $850 per person. The ticket includes access to the specific day's programme but not the Gala Dinner. $850










In 1893 a bloke called Paddy Hannan cried ‘Eureka’ (or ‘Ouch, I stubbed my toe on a bloody big piece of shiny rock’ or whatever lucky buggers yell when they find gold) and sparked one of “Australia’s great gold rushes”. Kalgoorlie was born.

Tourist things to do in Kalgoorlie

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When banks behave badly–EBook

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Can the banks shut us down?

Lets face it, I know the banks can play hard ball with teams of solicitors and they will try to close this site down any way they can, but we are prepared for it. We have the book loaded up on servers in different countries all round the world and there are back up web sites and domains located across the world as well. All sales are conducted in another country and the publisher is offshore as well.

Book video- When banks go bad !