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What are doorway pages

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are a type of web page created exclusively to gain popularity with a specific search engine. They are also referred to as bridges, gateways, and entry pages. They are a matter of contention within the search-engine optimization world, with some holding that their use is both immoral and ultimately counter-productive, and others believing they are a sure-fire way to achieve consistently high rankings.

The underlying concept of doorway pages is simple: a webmaster targets specific keywords to be associated with their site, then builds a number of pages actively targeting those keywords. These doorway pages are not meant for human surfers, but rather for the spiders or robots search engines use to index websites. Many doorway pages make use of a meta tag, refresh, to ensure that human visitors to the doorway pages never even see them. In the past few years, however, many search engines have begun penalizing pages for using the refresh tag, and webmasters have co…

Top Blog Money Earners On the internet

While your blog loaded with Google adsense ads makes a miserly few dollars over the week, some top Adsense publishers are laughing their way the bank with thousands of adsense dollars per month… Have you often wondered who these top Adsense millionaires to be are?

John Chow has an article listing the top 8 Google Adsense earners. Top of his list is Markus Frind of, a free online dating site which earns him $300,000 per month. receives up to 500 million page views per month and make over $10,000 per day for Markus, who runs the site from home. Look at his adsense cheque. And you thought dating and romance site were low paying niches due to low priced keywords. The ads there do not even resemble that of a premium adsense publisher.

Second on the list is Kevin Rose of the very popular earning huge money with $250,000 per month. Jeremy Shoemaker is a search engine marketer at ShoeMoney who follows with $140,000 per month.

Jason Calacanis of Weblogs…

Free 100 $ Worth of advertising

Woah… Microsoft offers 50$ coupons and now yahoo is offering 100$ coupons! But only for new signups. If you dont see the 100$ coupon on the page from the link above enter US1069 manually to get it.
No word on the specific time limit on how long this promotion is lasting. I just got a email from a yahoo rep with that code.

Optimizing Tools to Increase page rank

Traffic and visitors to your site depends mainly on how well your site is designed , keywords and many other factors.

I came across this site that Does all this for you and much more.Someof the tools listed here can help you find out what u ar e doing right with your site and improve on that and in which areas u need to do more with your site.
Check out all these toolslisted below

Backlink Checker
Google Banned checker
PageRank Prediction
Keyword Density
Keyword Suggestion
Link Popularity
Multi-Rank Checker
PageRank Checker
Rank Checker
ViewVisual PageRank
Website Speed Test
Alexa Traffic Rank

This website does have a bandwith limit so u might be able to use only 2 to 3 features at one time Here is the link >>

Top Ten tips to Increasing website traffic Fast

TOp Ten tips to Increasing website traffic Fast
+ Include a signature mentioning your website iN your emails , forums and websites u visit
+ Make sure u leave a link subtly back when u visit other sites or blogs
+ create a database of emails of friends and interested people that u can send Updates of site regularly
+ Banner Swap or link exchange or join webrings with other sites
+ Use Standard html tags with meta tag descritpion and keywords in your website html
+ Submit your website too all search engines manually to be sure its indexed
+ Update your website regularly
+ Get your own paid .com domain always more attractive and indexed faster by search engines
+ Get good popular websites linking back to your site
+ Invest to gain. pay for clicks to your site or buy banner ads

Keywords -Let them come to you

keywords and/or keyword phrases are an important factor in obtaining top search engine ranking. But, what exactly are keywords and keyword phrases?
Essentially, keywords and keyword phrases are the search terms that people enter into a search engine when they are trying to find a particular site. Search engines use them to help determine how to rank your site in response to searches conducted using the keyword/phrase. Let us say that you have a site that specializes in books for children. You may have chosen "children's books" as a keyword phrase. Ideally, your site will show up when someone searches for "children's books".Once you have determined which keywords and/or keyword phrases you will use, you will have to strategically incorporate them into your web site.

So, that being said, a prerequisite for a successful positioning strategy is to …

Getting Indexed on google Quick tips

2 Quick tips to get indexed iN google

Whenever u Post a new post in your blog .Make google ping it by going to these sites and
>> Googleping Recently added

Search engine optimization tips

Search Engine Optimization Tips
People use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank better in search engines for certain terms. Now, the topic of SEO is huge, and takes hundreds of pages of text to cover fully, so I’ll just go over a few of the basic aspects that you can implement to your sites.
The Domain
One of the first things you need to consider when making a new site is the domain. If you plan to get traffic solely from search engines then you should go with a keyword rich domain – – but it really depends on your aim. Depending on your business model or site idea, you may require a more unique or “brandable” domain name.
H1 Tags
Any keyword or phrase in between H1 tags ( ) are seen as important by search engines, and can greatly affect your ranking.
I own and was trying to rank well for the key phrase drawing tips. I added the text drawing tips between heading tags, and it helped bump me up a few spots on the main page.
So basically use H1 tags for …