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Optimize your page for Image search redirecting

I came across this page in a blog that was getting massive hits ..just becasue he was having one image ranked right high on google image search as the pic lucy. Now fortunatley he had his hits counter public for me to have a peek . It helps really when that guy manged to put up a hot looking girl as well as the image redirecting to url.Donot underestimate the power of image search to gettin you good traffic to your websitesome tips on gettin your image ranked on googleOptimise for Google Image Search
Google Image search operates a little differently to the main search, and therefore when you optimise for Google image search, there are a few extra things to keep in mind. This article summarises the main things to note when optimising for Google image search. Yahoo and MSN also have an Image search facility, and most of these points also apply to Yahoo and MSN. What is Google Image Search?
People looking for images will use Google's image search facility instead of the main search. T…