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My stock portfolio

The Best Australian stock portfolio for 2008In these volatile times what is the best stocks. where is the best option to bring in some $$ gains. do we start storing our cash in high interest savings accounts or gold stocks or is there still hope in the stock market. By the looks from recent shocks in the market , America is definitely heading towards recession more sooner than later irrespective of what the government can do to try save it from its fate.Irrespective of what the reputed brokers and reputed financial consultants have been telling you that the china and India boom and growth will keep our stock market strong. Its not gonna happen and you will still keep getting margin calls if margin broking is your thingThe Recession scenario for 2008 will unfold like thisMore Market volatility from sub prime woes in 2008US entering recession Therefore less consumer spending ( less Chinese exports to US )Less earnings for china from reduced Chinese and Indian exports…

Margin calls Guide - How to handle margin calls

Margin Call
A broker's demand on an investor using margin to deposit additional money or securities so that the margin account is brought up to the minimum maintenance margin.
This is sometimes called a "fed call" or "maintenance call".
You would receive a margin call from a broker if one or more of the securities you had bought (with borrowed money) decreased in value past a certain point. You would be forced either to deposit more money in the account or to sell off some of your assets. In finance, a margin is collateral that the holder of a position in securities, options, or futures contracts has to deposit to cover the credit risk of his counterparty (most often his broker). This risk can arise if the holder has done any of the following:borrowed cash from the counterparty to buy securities or options, sold securities or options short, or entered into a futures contract. The collateral can be in the form of cash or securities, and it is deposited in a margin…

Australia stock market comes Crashing down

ASX suffers biggest fall in 10 yearsBlue chip stocks have plummeted, a major online broking website crashed and investors raced for the exit door as the Australian stock market suffered its worst one-day fall in more than 10 years, losing $96 billion. Fears of a recession in the US, and the likely downside effect on global economic growth, has panicked markets from London to China and prompted a repricing of stocks. Treasurer Wayne Swan believes Australia can ride out the wave of turmoil that has swept the globe, following the US sub-prime mortgage market crisis that began in August last year. "I note we are well placed to ride out the turbulence that flows from events in the United States even though we are not immune from it," he said. However, brokers said the Australian market may have turned the corner into a bear phase after years of bullish returns and growth. The Australian benchmark S&P/ASX200 index lost 7.05 per cent - or 393.6 points to 5186.8 - to mark its b…

Allco finance , MFS group , Centro Properties slumps- Have we reached the bottom yet ?

Australian shares fell for an 11th day, extending the longest sell-off in a quarter of a century. National Australia Bank Ltd. led declines after a $150 billion economic plan from U.S. President George W. Bush failed to ease speculation the world's biggest economy will enter recession. Allco Finance Group Ltd. posted the benchmark's biggest drop. Rio Tinto Group tumbled the most in more than 10 years after bigger rival BHP Billiton Ltd. failed to make a new offer for the company and a newspaper reported it may not do so before a Feb. 6 deadline.Allco Finance Group Ltd., an Australian manager of assets including ships and aircraft, posted a record fall in Sydney trading as investors avoided stocks perceived to have high debt and complex corporate structures. The stock fell 35 percent to A$3.10 at the close of trading the Australian Stock Exchange, cutting the Sydney-based company's market value to A$1.14 billion ($998 million). Investors are concerned Allco, a stakeholde…

Penny Hopefuls 2008 ( micro caps )

"Get rich with Penny Stocks. Buy Penny before they are hyped or heavily promoted and end up at high prices. Get in on Penny Stocks before they go up. Why wait when you can buy now and you can cash in when the price soar high"
But it always not so easy ' before you know it it can be either easy gains or then easy pains '

Before you invest in a microcap company, arm yourself with information

There are many good australian penny stocks investments available, which
could turn a small amount of capital into a small amount of  fortune very quickly. However, to discover these you need to know what to
look for and what to avoid. When searching for that one big there are a few eg you should be wary about
Penny stocks do carry a certain appeal for many different kinds of investors. Chances are though, a new investor looking for a potentially lucrative investments with a fairly low entry price will run across the penny stock. The allure comes in the fact that at such low prices an…

Goldman Sachs Recommends

The market is  down , up , down ,, up.......AFTER eight sessions in the red, the share market was finally trading back in the black at midday, boosted by financial stocks.This year seems to  have started with a rocky start  and thats what all the analysts  are saying it is goin g to be for the rest of the year. Goldman sachs is saying  we should be picking stocks  that is not sensitive to  interest rates , and what may those sectors or stocks be Apparently they should be  the defensive stocks like Comsumer  staples HealthcareTelecomunications We should be looking for companies with robust balance sheets and non -cylical earnings.Bell potter securites says that  comnpanies with  strong balance sheets, cash flow and earnings per share growth performed well in times of slow economic growthPopular Investment firms analysts says  these stocks are good in such conditionsCSL - Blood and vaccine productsWOW - Woolworths RetailersFairfax Media OnesteelBHP BillitonRIO TintoCaltex australiaBeach…

Gold is safe ?

Is investing in GOLD safe ? With current economic  climate where  the eurozone troubles seems to be bouncing off the markets like a ping pong ball with  the problems  that could drip feed like a contagiuos disease , and the  US Markets though currently in a bit of a upswing ( but no real debt problems solved), punters are heading for gold  as a safe bet.

Gold - A safe bet 

Surely , punters do like the idea of gold being a safe bet , because there is  where people invet in troubled times. Its liquid and you dont get in stuck in a "stuck market". You just sell and move on.

Gold one of the rare metals  that have a truly alluring shine always have a steady set of foolowers who believe in it  and with the major population that has spending money ( INDIA &CHINA) were it is very popular and saving gold is a culture that goes far behind, the  gold prices ae just not going to come down in a hurry.
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