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My stock portfolio

The Best Australian stock portfolio for 2008

In these volatile times what is the best stocks. where is the best option to bring in some $$ gains. do we start storing our cash in high interest savings accounts or gold stocks or is there still hope in the stock market. By the looks from recent shocks in the market , America is definitely heading towards recession more sooner than later irrespective of what the government can do to try save it from its fate.

Irrespective of what the reputed brokers and reputed financial consultants have been telling you that the china and India boom and growth will keep our stock market strong. Its not gonna happen and you will still keep getting margin calls if margin broking is your thing

The Recession scenario for 2008 will unfold like this

  • More Market volatility from sub prime woes in 2008
  • US entering recession Therefore less consumer spending ( less Chinese exports to US )
  • Less earnings for china from reduced Chinese and Indian exports to US thus slowing growth and income in these growing economies
  • Therefore reducing their buying and financial power in importing the needed resources from Australia

So forgets what all the broking pundits have been saying and belt up for some turbulent weather, they economy of growing countries like china and India will certainly be affected by recession in US , which will filter down to us here in Australia.

So what are my picks , what is my portfolio for these turbulent times. HERE ARE SOME STOCKS I HAVE PICKED WHEN THE MARKET CRASHED THIS JAN 2008


  1. LEI $43.10
  2. ANZ $25.67
  3. HVN $5.54
  4. WOW $29.32
  5. WBC $25.33
  6. BHP $33.99
  7. MGX $2.26
  8. RHG $0.23
  9. BPT $1.25
  10. PLV $1.46

Some info on my stock pics

Mount Gibson Iron Limited ( MGX )

Business Description

Mount Gibson Iron Ltd (MGX) is involved in exploration for iron ore in Western Australia. The Company controls three iron deposits in the mid west region of Western Australia, namely Tallering Peak, Mt Gibson and Koolan Island.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: Whittakers Ltd (WHK), 2/01/2002;

ACN:008 670 817

Chairman:Neil Hamilton

MD:Luke Tonkin

Level 1, 7 Havelock St

West Perth,WA 6005

Tel:(08) 9485 2355

Fax:(08) 9485 2305

Pluton Mining ( PLV )

Business Description

Iron ore exploration in WA and copper-gold-silver exploration in Fiji and Tasmania

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: --


Chairman:Albert Wong

MD:Anthony Schoer

Level 10, 492 St. Kilda Road

Melbourne,VIC 3004

Tel:(03) 9820 3802

Fax:(03) 9867 8587

ANZ Banking Group Ltd (ANZ )

Business Description

ANZ is a major Australian-based bank operating a retail and business banking franchise in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific. Australian operations make up the largest part of ANZs business with commercial & retail banking & funds management. Following the acquisition of National Bank of New Zealand, ANZ is the largest bank in New Zealand. Expansion in the Asian region in is being undertaken with a presence in 14 Asian countries. Of most significance are partnerships in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names:

ACN:005 357 522

Chairman:Charles Goode


Level 6, 100 Queen St

Melbourne,VIC 3000

Tel:(03) 9273 6141

Fax:(03) 9273 6142

BHP Billiton Limited (BHP )

Business Description

BHP Billiton is the largest diversified resources company in the world operating in over 50 countries. Core activities comprise the production and distribution of minerals, mineral products and petroleum.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: BHP Limited (BHP), 29/06/2001; Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (The), 02/11/2000.

ACN:004 028 077

Chairman:Donald Argus

MD:Marius Kloppers

BHP Billiton Centre, 180 Lonsdale St

Melbourne,VIC 3000

Tel:(03) 9609 3333

Fax:(03) 9609 3015

Woolworths Limited (WOW )

Business Description

Woolworths (WOW) is Australias premier retailer with the primary activity being Supermarkets - Food & Liquor. Other operations include BIGW discount department stores, Consumer Electronics through Dick Smith, PowerHouse and Tandy and petrol retailing through Woolworths/Caltex alliance and Woolworths Petrol Plus service stations. Woolworths has also diversified into hotels with acquisitions of ALH, BMG, MGW and Taverner Group. More recently the company has expanded to New Zealand with the acquisition of Foodland Australia NZ supermarkets, trading under the Progressive Supermarkets banner.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: --

ACN:000 014 675

Chairman:James Strong

MD:Michael Luscombe

1 Woolworths Way

Bella Vista,NSW 2135

Tel:(02) 8885 0000

Fax:(02) 8888 1029

Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd (HVN )

Business Description

Harvey Norman (HVN) operates in the retailing sector principally as a franchiser. The stores sell homewares, electrical products, and computers. Revenue is derived from retailing, the provision of advisory and advertising services to franchisees, and property investment. The company has about 167 outlets in Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia and Ireland and investments in controlled entites Rebel Sport and Pertama Holdings (Singapore).

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: Caviton Ltd, 20/05/1987.

ACN:003 237 545

Chairman:Gerald Harvey

MD:Kay Page

A1 Richmond Rd

Homebush West,NSW 2140

Tel:(02) 9201 6111

Fax:(02) 9201 6250

Leighton Holdings Limited (LEI )

Business Description

Leighton Holdings Ltd. is the parent company of Australias largest construction and contract mining group, majority owned by Hochtief AG. The groups activities focus on contract and project management and property development in Australia, the Gulf, Hong Kong and South East Asia. LEI is Australias largest engineering services contractor. It also acquired Henry Walker Eltins mining business in early 2006.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd, 01/07/1971.

ACN:004 482 982

Chairman:David Mortimer, Peter Noe

MD:Wallace King

Level 5, 472 Pacific Hwy

St. Leonards,NSW 2065

Tel:(02) 9925 6666

Fax:(02) 9925 6005

RHG Limited ( RHG )

Business Description

RHG Limited (RHG, formerly Rams Home Loans Group) is a specialist provider of residential home loans throughout Australia. RHGs business includes the origination, distribution and funding of residential home loans.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: RAMS Home Loans Group Limited (RHG), 15/01/2008.


Chairman:John Kinghorn


Level G, 44 Bay Street

Ultimo,NSW 2007



Beach Petroleum Limited ( BPT )

Business Description

Beach Petroleum Limited (BPT) is an oil and gas producer, developer and explorer. The company holds varying interests in exploration and production tenements in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Beach is focused on production from 3 producing assets and a high reward exploration program.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: Beach Petroleum NL (29/1/2003)

ACN:007 617 969

Chairman:Robert Kennedy

MD:Reginald Nelson

Level 1, 25 Conyngham St

Glenside,SA 5065

Tel:(08) 8338 2833

Fax:(08) 8338 2336

Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC )

Business Description

Westpac is Australias oldest bank operating a significant banking franchise in Australia and New Zealand with balanced exposures to retail, corporate and institutional sectors. Aggressive expansion via acquisition in the wealth management area has complemented the banking activities transforming WBC into a solid financial services house. Westpac is one of Australias four major banks.

Trading Status: Trading

Former Names: Bank of New South Wales, 01/10/1982.

ACN:007 457 141

Chairman:Ted Evans

MD:David Morgan

Level 20, 275 Kent St

Sydney,NSW 2000

Tel:(02) 9293 9270

Fax:(02) 8253 1888

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The diggers and dealers forum meet 2011

The diggers and dealers forum has just begun August 1. Its a three day annual event happening every year  at the WA country town of kalgoorlie.2011 Diggers & Dealers forumBig name brokers  keenly watching the event will be MacquarieDeutsche BankBell PotterGoldman SachsRBS MorgansEvans & PartnersHartleysBlack Swan Euroz.Well most other websites will give you the  finer details of the annual meet and greet that happens at kalgoorlie , so we will just stick with the bare minimum of details  and focus on the more enjoyable bits  of information that the dealers require to strike a good deal while in town.Bare detailsWebsite : Diggers & DealersEvents : Program and scheduleWatering holes and entertainment at Diggers and dealers forumPubs , clubs  and skimpy (barmaids) culture in kalgoorlie . There are about 25 pubs in Kalgoorlie-Boulder area and for a city that stretches just 67sq km the number of pubs makes for  a good choice on drinking holesand entertainmentExchange Hotel ( Pa…