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Is Maqbank Cheap with a 10% drop ?

THE fallout from the collapse of investor confidence in Babcock & Brown has swept through financial giant Macquarie Group, with its shares hit by a huge sell-off that drove its price down to levels not seen since late 2004. Macquarie Group Ltd. shares fell 9.6%, touching a 3½-year low, after broker UBS AG cut its rating on the stock and warned the Australian investment bank's profit may be hit by asset write-downs. In a day that mirrored similar sudden losses since the start of this year, Macquarie shares plummeted almost 10%, shedding $4.44 to $41.61. Macquarie shares have fallen 24% since August 13, when they traded at $54.10. One of the triggers was a report from the investment bank UBS, which cut its "buy" recommendation on the stock to "hold" and reduced its target price from $60 to $48 on concerns about Macquarie's ability to withstand another year of the credit crunch. UBS also raised questions about the strength of the balance sheet. Macquarie s…

10 Rules how to avoid Mortgage stress

The word 'mortgage' is French in origin. It means to make a pledge upon which your life depends - or, literally, an agreement until death.It is estimated that perhaps as many as 1,000,000 Australians are experiencing mortgage stress, and perhaps 80,000 of those will lose their homes because they can no longer meet their mortgage repayments. If you don’t want to be one of the statistics, you’re going to have to take some action.Around one million Australians are now suffering the most talked-about 'material disease' of today - mortgage stress. The symptom of mortgage stress is a mortgage payment which is more than thirty per cent of your net income. So, if you earn a thousand dollars a week and the repayments on your home are more than three hundred dollars a week, you're officially stressed.Simple things you can do to save money* avoid that urge to have a  $ 3.50/4.oo coffee or tea at the cafe or deli (4xtake 10 a month  thats a lot)*Turn of those extra light…

Each cat in Australia eats 13.7 kilograms of fish a year, while humans on average consume about 11 kilograms of fish and seafood each.

Each cat in Australia eats 13.7 kilograms of fish a year, while humans on average consume about 11 kilograms of fish and seafood each. "Australian pet cats are eating better than their owners," Friggin felines are messing with our fish supplies and denying third world countries GOURMET meals dished up to pampered pets could be threatening world fish supplies, Victorian scientists have warned.2,48 million tonnes of “forage” fish ie sardines, herrings and anchovies, are being consumed by the world’s cat population via the cat food industry, each year.That means about 13.7 kg per putty cat, purr year. Note, that is, only if you have an Aussie cat, not all global cats are so lucky (or included in the study).With ongoing debate about how to manage marine resources, the Deakin scientist said more research was needed to determine how much of the fish in cat food could be replaced by fish offal and other meat byproducts. "I think giving a nice chunk of fish to a pet is import…

10 simple rules for a Sound Investment

Investing can be as simple or as complicated as you make it Following simple rules can make the process easier to understand More investing news in our Money sectionINVESTING is growing more complex by the day as we are bombarded with new products, new strategies and ever changing market conditions. However, if people follow a few simple rules, they can make sense of the confusion and enjoy success in the investing game. Five financial experts agreed to share their golden rules of investing. Here are 10 of their best. Invest regularlySavings & Loans Credit Union senior manager financial planning Phil Butterfield says people should try to make a habit of investing or saving a portion of every dollar they make. "Regular additions to your investment, as well as reinvestment of any dividends or interest to achieve a compounding effect, is a tremendous way to boost your investment," he says. ANZ financial planner Jacquie McCarthy says by investing regularly, you remove th…

First Home Saver Accounts

First Home Saver AccountsFirst Home Saver accounts are a new type of investment account designed to help Australians boost their savings for a deposit on their first home. This Government initiative will see super funds and banks being able to offer a superannuation style investment account that helps maximise savings through tax breaks and Government contributions. First Home Saver Accounts8 Feb 2008 ... On 4 February 2008, the Government confirmed its 2007 federal election commitment to establish First Home Saver Accounts to assist ... Home Saver accounts will be concessionally taxed (like for superannuation), meaning that generally much lower tax will be paid on the investment or interest earnings of First Home Saver accounts, than for regular savings accounts or managed investments. About first homesaver account - FactsheetWho can open a First Home Saver account? To open a First Home Saver account you will need to: Be aged 18 to 65 Have not pr…

Handy Tax and accountants Website links

This section has some handy links to keep a note of, for getting all the tax information  and accountancy information you require. CPA Australia websiteThe CPA Australia Association exists to provide its members with a set of standards in their accounting practices, and certify that their members are of the highest possible calibre.ATO websiteThe Australian Taxation Office is the Government's principal revenue collection agency, and is part of the Treasurer's portfolio. Its role is to manage and shape tax, excise and superannuation systems that fund services for Australians.ABR websiteThe Australian Business Register is an extensive database of identity information provided by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN,) and makes it easier for businesses and all levels of government to interact using the ABN as a unique identifier.NTAA websiteThe NTAA was formed on the basis that tax advisers, tax agents, accountants and people in business need an as…

Reverse Mortgages Providers

How Do reverse mortgages work ? what  is a reverse mortgage ?A reverse mortgage allows someone aged 60 or over to borrow money against the value of their home. It usually only needs to be repaid when you sell the house, permanently move out (such as to go into long-term aged care) or die. Reverse mortgages work in the opposite way to home loans. Instead of the loan sum diminishing because of your repayments, interest is applied to your loan so the debt increases. You're not required to make any repayments but the impact of fees and interest means the debt grows over time. At current interest rates, the amount you owe would double in less than 10 years.  more >> hereAustralian Seniors Finance Limited
Level 5, 63 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Toll free: 1300 889 338 Fax: 61 3 9661 Group
Level 10, 80 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Toll free: 133 882 Fax: 61 2 8295 3701 Equity Access (ABN AMR…

SMSF Superfund operating companies list

Todays updateThe Australian sharemarket closed flat today as gains for resource stocks offset losses among the banks.
The ASX 200 index ended 3.3 points ahead at 4985 after being down 37 and up 50, while the All Ordinaries index put on 4.6 points to 5043.5.
In futures the September SPI200 contract rose 66 points to 5004.
Trading was busy with turnover of $4.1 billion, comprising 455 rises, 557 falls and 300 steadies.
BHP Billiton was the day's busiest stock by value with trading worth $353 million and rose 62c to $38.60.
Rio Tinto improved 55c to $115.70 and Fortescue Metals gained 15c to $7.65 but Alumina slid 9c to $4.66.
Commonwealth weighed on the banking sector, retreating $1.56 to $42.14 but was trading ex a $1.53 dividend.
National fell 20c to $24.85 and ANZ shed 13c to $16.77 but Westpac rose 15c to $22.95 and St George improved 24c to $29.95.Popular Australian superfundsAbsolute Super Knowhow
Tel: 61 2 9929 7122 Super
Tel: 61 2 6230 4663 w…

Macquarie increases presence in india

Australia's Macquarie Securities Group has made six new appointments for its India business, joining the likes of international banks such as Credit Suisse in expanding here as traditional markets shrink.Macquarie Group AustraliaThe Macquarie Group is a diversified international provider of banking, financial, advisory and investment services, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. has more than 160 people in India and plans to expand despite an uncertain short-term economic outlook and turbulent financial markets in India and abroad, Stuart Smythe, head of equity in India, told a news conference.India's stock market recovered its $1 trillion in market value last month, helped by the biggest drop in commodity prices in 28 years. Record stock sales by overseas investors led to the biggest first-half slump in the benchmark Sensitive Index since its 1979 creation."Our model is to use the downturn to expand and we are following it in India,&quo…

NEW IPO - Lucknow Gold Limited

NEW IPO - Lucknow Gold Limited
05 Aug 2008
REF; is pleased to present the opportunity to invest in Lucknow Gold Limited (Lucknow Gold, the Company). Lucknow Gold owns the Lucknow and Yambulla Goldfields located within the highly mineralised Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW. Lachlan Fold Belt has provided continuous exploration success since 1977 with major economic copper-gold discoveries at Northparkes, Cadia, Cowal, Ridgeway and the Wyoming Prospect near Peak Hill. The Lucknow Project is located only 15 kilometres west of the Cadia-Ridgeway Mineral District, which contains Australia’s second largest gold operation and one of the world’s highest Au-grade porphyry gold-copper deposits. IPOs - re: lucknow gold ipo - HotCopper - Australian Stock Market ...HotCopper is Australia's largest independent stock market discussion forum for investors. Membership is FREE.…

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Australian miners push market higher

The Australian share market closed moderately higher, driven by renewed strength in global miners BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.At the 1615 AEST close, the benchmark S&P/ASX200 was up 27.5 points, or 0.55 per cent, at 5,053.6, while the broader All Ordinaries had lifted 21.1 points, or 0.42 per cent, to 5,090.4.The September share price index futures contract improved nine points to 5,030 on a volume of 19,051 contracts, according to preliminary figures.Related LinksWorld Markets "BHP and Rio have both been quite strong ... it's mostly that move in BHP and Rio that's pushed the market into positive territory today," .China may increase its stake in Rio Tinto to block a takeover proposal by BHP Billiton was helping to boost the Rio share price.Bargain-hunters were also picking up shares in BHP Billiton."BHP has also come off quite a lot in the last few days, so a few people are trying to pick the bottom on it,"Among resources stocks, global miner BHP Billit…