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Lazy way to make cash online from credit crisis

Turn on the TV and you’ll be lucky if you don’t see a story on the big Global Financial Crisis. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there are a lot of people out there interested in what is happening globally, and how the financial crisis is directly going to affect them.

A quick review of Google Trends shows that the number of people searching for information relating to the ‘financial crisis’ or ‘global financial crisis’ has increased dramatically in the last month.
So, we know this crisis stuff is big news, but how can you turn the global financial crisis business to your advantage? Here are some simple steps you can use to turn the financial crisis to your advantage.Step One: Write, write and write more
We know that people are looking for information on what is happening. This is your chance to give the people what they want. Start writing articles and blog posts relating to the financial crisis and how it affects the average human. Break it down into terms people und…

Sitemap Xtml for Australian stock Watch

will the sharemarket rise in 2009 ?

All that cheering on Wall Street is for a plan to use rubber cement and duct tape to patch some big holes in the financial system. Skepticism is in order.Investors in 2008 have ridden about a 35 per cent plunge in the benchmark S&P/ASX200 Index and around a 37.5 per cent slump in the broader All Ordinaries, in a year marked by large corporate collapses and unprecedented fluctuations in financial markets.THE Australian stock market will offer investors the best buying opportunity in a generation in 2009, after the bourse suffered its the biggest annual decline ever in 2008.Australia's main share indices are expected to rebound by up to 30 per cent in the second half of 2009, some analysts say, making up some of the losses in 2008, as the yields on stocks eclipse those offered by cash or bonds and equity investors anticipate an economic recovery. However, Dr Oliver said that, while he expects the US and global economy to start recovering in the second half of 2009, that could be…

Commonwealth Bank is selling an additional A$357 million of stock at A$28.37 apiece.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, was forced to sell shares at a steeper discount than planned after blaming Merrill Lynch & Co. for failing to tell investors about an increase in bad debts. The Sydney-based lender turned to UBS AG to arrange the A$2 billion ($1.4 billion) sale, with A$1.65 billion selling for A$26 a share, it said in a statement. Commonwealth said it terminated an earlier agreement to sell the shares at A$27 via Merrill Lynch after the New York-based bank “did not inform potential investors of the various disclosures made by the Bank.” “I’m unhappy that it happened but I’m still reserving judgment on who’s to blame,” said Peter Vann, who manages more than $600 million, including Commonwealth shares, at Constellation Capital Management Ltd. “Commonwealth hasn’t provisioned enough for their bad debts and among the big four banks they are in the bottom tier.” Constellation was among investors approached by both Merrill and UBS for…

Is china still a safe bet for investing ?

When you ignore foreign markets, you miss out on great growth. Emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China have seen average annual growth of more than 8% a year, compared to 3% and slowing for the U.S. Like small-cap stocks, emerging markets are exciting precisely because they have so much room to grow before they become saturated, developed markets like the one we live in.Many investors got scared off, though, when both developed and emerging foreign markets followed our market into a sharp decline this year. But as my colleague Tim Hanson pointed out, emerging markets have been oversold -- and they're currently priced as though they'll lag the U.S. going forward, despite the fact that emerging economies are expected to outperform the U.S. and its developed counterparts for years to come.In other words, right now you can buy the huge opportunities represented by emerging markets like India and China ... for pennies on the dollar.
This emerging-markets sale is …