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When the world projects come crashing down in Dubai

i remember not so long ago i met a reli  , when he was down here in Australia on holidays and i asked him . How’s things in Dubai ?  and he told me things are really bad  buddy !! , People are  driving down to the airport in their cars  leaving their car keys in the car  in the airport car park and taking off to their own country  possibly never to come back. He said people were so doubtful of the  job situation  and debt crisis  improving that the were  fleeing by the droves and parked cars left by owners at the airport was increasing by the day. Apparently  many of them were also a bit scared of being taken to task and possibly  go to the debtors prison.So i asked my reli again  if  he had a good time when he was heading back to Dubai and if he  thought of extending his holiday here in Australia . He said “ IM AFRAID IF I DO EXTEND MY HOLIDAY  , MY COMPANY MIGHT GIVE ME A PERMENANT HOLIDAY “ . though this was mentioned in jest  it was a very much  of the reflection of the current re…

The nets Big bad boy facebook IPO

Face book  the  Media  favorite  has finally  decided to cash in their popularity. Is this going to make it bigger than google ? perhaps Not  .. but its definitely  growing faster  wider and quicker  in the popularity stakes.Facebook Ipo Launch Different from othersThe story was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, which added the detail that this stock structure change will give founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg more power unless he opts to sell stock during an IPO. But while Zuckerberg and other executives have said that they eventually plan to take Facebook public, they continue to say that there are no concrete plans for it. Two years ago, Zuckerberg said that it was "years out."Image results for Mark Zuckerberg

India’s Big Gold rush !!

India is going its own way  and it seems it know what it wants … with a $US6.7 billion gold purchase. The transaction turned heads in markets. It should do the same in capitals from Beijing to Washington.  The Chinese  beauracats have  been left thinking  , if the Indians have stolen a quick one  while thery were nto paying attention to the IMF.India’s 200 metric-ton deal wasn’t huge considering how much gold central banks hold. It’s the symbolism that matters as the US struggles to keep the dollar’s slide orderly and panic- free. Consider India the vanguard of central banks more aggressively diversifying reserves away from US assets3 things we can conclude from India’s gold rush.The dollar’s is just getting worse. Mounting US debt is  still a worry This US recovery  Doesn't not look like a convincing one.Asia’s tolerance with falling US assets is evaporating. India’s gold grab from the International Monetary Fund’s bullion stash is the latest reminder of that.The price of gold le…

Double Shock On Melbourne cup day

So we have been hit with a Double whammy on  the Melbourne  cup day  , thanks to  Shocking and the RBA.
SHOCKING RESULT FOR MELBOURE CUP FOR MANY First we  all lose our money to shocking  as it made a grand mark in the Melbourne cup 2009 by leaving all the other favorites behind to eat its dust. None of the favorites VIEWED , ALCOPOP , Roman Emperor  Was anyway close by to be seen while   SHOCKING made a run for its glory on the finish line.

Crime scene did a good job taking  in  second place by a whisker after shocking. It was shocking new to many  as non of the favorites   won and many  punters  disappointed .. but leaving the bookies laughing.
RBA RAISES RATES BY 25 Basis Points today 3 Nov 2009 To add to our misery The RBA went ahead and did a 25 basis point rate cut today   and   thus  be ready to see even more money  going out from your bank account if  you hold a mortgage
As was widely expected by economists, the Reserve Bank board lifted the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.5 …

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