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Insurance sector heats up in Australia with Kmart entering the fray

Insurance is   something that every person needs . Fear  , security  and risk  buoys the insurance industry  and yes  The insurance companies are making millions by the day ,not to say there are also losing millions by the day ( as can be witnessed by the recent perth freak storms) . But on the whole  the Insurance companies  have definitely big fat wallets and now Kmart Wants a piece of the pie.Kmart vying for the insurance  $$Kmart Australia yesterday  started signing up its first few customers for  insurance.  kmart  with its reach all over australia  with its many stores   is definitely well positioned to tap the vast insurance sector ( specially given that they also have  the Kmart auto chain which is Auto related , it might just make getting car  insurance much easier)KMART HAS 251 Auto and tyre stores in AustraliaHardly has Kmart entered the Insurance market , when there are rumors that QBE is planning to enter the Car and Home  Insurance sector. Car insurance is a big piece of…

Google china , Stern Hu and a bad taste in your mouth

Chinese cyber attacks on and google pulling out of ChinaChina has been in the lime light  in recent times  and not always for the right reasons. Recently china was in the lime light  for  being accused of cyber attacks coming from the country  towards the domain owned by Google and now more recently  China has  made it known that  it wants google china to  abide by its strict censorship laws  and divulge information  in relation to activists which google refuses to do unlike yahoo as it says in this article over here.

Image link : threatened to leave the Chinese market completely this year after cyber attacks were traced back to China. China has hit back by  cracking down on  google advertisers  and  Chinese companies doing business with Google china and putting the pressure on them. China has moved to further limit free speech on the web - Google's own websites and the e-mail accounts of human rights ac…

The end of reporting season

So  how was your reporting season ? Australia has just finished its reporting season  and the action is just picking up. judging from the reporting season  we  will  possibly in for a helluva ride looking forward. There was the minor hiccups affecting the global economy predictions like the Greece scare that is still fresh in our minds  and alive  and the impending doom of the  UL economy gloom ( when is that bubble going to be pricked) .Irrespective of all this  our reporting season  saw very good results  with the mining stocks poised to boom and the banks expanding into  overseas economies ( CBA and ANZ poised to explore growth potential in india  after acquiring their licenses) .CommSec assessed 129 companies among the top 200 on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and found that 113, or 88 per cent, were profitable for the six months to December 31, 2009. Sixty-seven per cent reported improved earnings and 60 per cent lifted earnings per share. Australia's December quart…