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Copper Aluminum and Iron ore to push upwards 2010 to 2013 – commodity markets

''Over the next 15 years we expect consumption trends to lead to a doubling in demand for iron ore, aluminum andcopper. We also expect substantial increased demand for energy. These trends will require a significant response from producers,'' Albanese said.
The shine is on on copper , iron ore and aluminum – Commodity markesThe Rio tinto media release said '”Let me put this in perspective. By 2030 the additional supply required will be equivalent to replicating the iron ore output of the Pilbara region of Australia every five years, adding another aluminium production complex the size of Canada's Saguenay every nine months, and developing another copper mine the size of Escondida in Chile each year. Future energy requirements are such that an entire Hunter Valley coal supply chain needs to be created each year plus a uranium mine the size of Ranger every four years.'' It is staggering stuff.
The price of copper was just $2.33/lb last year but now is being…

Stock Market Year Ending Sale 2010

Yes it is definitely looking like a bargain on some stocks  and id definitely bringing on the mood of “the year ending sales” that happen during this period of the year. The  Australian stock market has been down for the past 2 weeks for various different factors like the Euro economies , Greece ,  The tax review in Australia ,  Super profits tax , and stock brokers taking in profits selling out parcels of shares  before they head out for thier  annual end of financial year holiday  to some exotic location.The big corporations  and  companies have  brought their fight out in the open with the new super profit tax  , by shelving projects  and trying to get shareholders  and company workers to oppose the  Tax.  Kevin Rudd does not look like he is  step down on his  tax stance and is ready for a fight. Watch this space  as more unfolds.Coming back to the market currently , i don't see no reason why the australian market has been getting the jitters and rightfully should be performing…

The Australian Federal budget 2010

Budget 2010 at a glanceTax Benefits50% Tax discount for  first $1000 of investment income.
Tax relief for foreign investors in managed funds
Lodging your tax returns to become easier and everybody to get  default $500 to $1000 in deductions in a  phased ( 2012 – 2013 ) manner
Government Spending ( business)$5.6 bn infrastructure fund  spending over for ten years
$1,bn for all freight projects which will benefit the mining sector
National network of primary care services.
$661 spending for training  for apprenticeships , training  ,adult literacy and numeracy programs
Penny Stocks 2010

Australia’sworst stock market week ever and Greece problems

Greece problems + Australian super tax  + Down Jones rocks the boatAustralia released the Henry tax review reform last week which pretty much the whole business community was waiting for with bated breath last week. The implementation of the super tax on miners  from the Henry tax review brought down the  mining shares with a vengeance in the Australian  markets , and the falling Dow Jones didn't help either.  To put more  momentum to this bad news the Greece  stock market  epidemic which was the flow on from the US  GFC   some years ago  and spooked by the US markets  crisis is still spooking other countries like UK , Portugal , Spain and other euro zone countries which are in very bad debt shape and continuing to grow worse.US markets and Nikkie Japan Stock marketsIt is ironic  that the us markets that started this all has actually been performing an rising pretty well in the last couple of months. One market that has also been gradually rising and performing well after the  GFC…