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Top 10 property hotspots WA australia

Terry Ryder, of, has released his annual list of WA's top "hotspots" - suburbs and towns where there is potential for good capital growth or better-than-average rental yields. While the locations are little changed from last year, the reasons for buying have.
Below top ten  “Property hotspots” list  has been compiled by Terry ryder of
Top 10 property hotspots (source: Terry Ryder)
Albany: Lifestyle features, government decisions, urban renewal
Broome: Lifestyle features, boom town, government decisions
Bunbury: Transport infrastructure, boom town, lifestyle features

Geraldton: Boom town, government decisions, transport infrastructure
Joondalup: Government decisions, lifestyle features, transport infrastructure
Karratha: Boom town, government decisions, lifestyle features

Merredin: Boom town, government decisions
Port Hedland: Boom town, government decisions

Rockingham: Ugly ducklings, government decisions, transport infrastructure,…

Julia gillards new Australian prime minister appointed by stealth and swiftness

Little did kevin Rudd know what hit him when his own party members did the quickie on him.Voters all over Australia are in shock and dismay  as Julia Gillard and her supporters betrayed their own leader to push him out of his seat and take it over.Kevin Rudd sys Bye bye As juli gillard steps inAN emotional Kevin Rudd says he is proud of his achievements as Australia's Prime Minister in a press conference this morning. The former Prime Minister was close to tears as he made his parting address after standing down for Julia Gillard this morning.Julia gillard   new Australian prime minister made commitments not to move into the Prime ministers Lodge, and stay in her house in Altona and flat in Canberra until she actually faces an election .The new Prime Minister looked equally assured in her first question time (Kevin Rudd bravely attended). When accused of stabbing her former Prime Minister in the back by Opposition deputy leader Julie Bishop she replied that Julie should focus on s…