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will the Hidenburg omen affect australia!!

Good question to ask -  Will the “hindenburg omen” affect australia. The more important question  on everybody's  mind right now  is “Is the Hindeburg Omen even a possibilty? Well if you are following what some doomsayers are saying “  The hiddenburg omen its   certainly coming  and the crash is not far away” . Right now Australians are nor fearing the  omen much more that the possibility of a double dip recession happening in the US with the housing market in disarray.So what is the Hindenburg omen ?The hindenburg omen named after famous German airship  that crashed in new jersey in 1937 , is a technical indicator that predicts not  just a bear market but a stock market crash.The creator of the  this  omen is a blind mathematician named jim Miekka , said that his indicator is no predicting  a market meltdown next month.For this crash to happen , the 5 criteria of the Omen  should be fulfilled: 1.That the daily number of NYSE new 52 Week Highs and the daily number of new 52 Week L…

The Australian 2010 Elections Guide

Yes 1 More day to go , to decide who leads Australia  for the next couple of years. Tomorrow  Aug 21st 2010 is election day  and  we get to choose our leader.We have put together  a Free election guide  which you can download  giving you  information on how to vote , where to vote , timings etc  and links to much more information.Download the  Election  2010 pdf  guide file hereDate: Election Day is Saturday 21 August 2010Timing: Voting centres will open at 8 am to 6PM SharpWhere: At any polling ( voting) place in your state or territory on election day ( if interstate check for details below)The main two candidates are JULIA GILLARD  from LABOR PARTY and TONY ABOTT from LIBERAL PARTY