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The rise of the Australian Dollar (AUD)

The aussie dollar  reached parity against the US dollar in Nov 2010 and since then   analysts  have been predicting that it would only get better and possibly reach $1.10 against the USD.  Well the AUD as of today is on the brink of breaking past that  prediction , with it currently trading at $1.09 against the US dollar.
What the strong Australian dollar means to us AustraliansSectors to “Boom” with the Rise of the AUD :Boom for Shoppers:
Import sectors  like electronics and cars manufacturing will get cheaper and make them cheaper in coming months if retailers pass on savings.
Buying goods online from places like the US and UK will also become cheaper for consumers.
Cheap holidays for Travelers':
Overseas holidays will be less expensive, with more buying power for everything from hotels to shopping due to the aussie dollar getting more bang for your buck. Airlines pay for fuel in US dollars so fares should also get cheaper. This depends on whether airlines pass on savings to …

Happy Easter 2011

Happy Easter to all our blog readers!Happy Holidays !!

The New Australian Stock Watch website

Yes, has got a new look , but not a new website.Thanks to, now you can see our website ( in  five different ways now , you got the mosaic mode , the flipcard view , the Snapshot , SIDEBAR and timeslide view  which all are different and  puts the design of the blog into a new design .If you got a blogger blog  your website is probably already  available in these different modes , just add –>  /view/snapshot  after your url to view it in snapshot mode.  More information is available on the Google blog over hereDemo of Australian Stock Watch on blogger view modesThe “FLIPCARD” view of Australian stock watchCheck it out here – Flipcard DEMO ASW-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The “SNAPSHOT” view of Australian stock watchCheck it out here – Snapshot DEMO ASW------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

The penny stock magic formula – james connelly

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This Offer Is Available For A Limited Time Only:Current Positions Available: 14 and diminishingWhat you're about to read is the story of James Connelly, a fresh college dropout who managed to create a secret stock-picking strategy that can turn $1000, into $1 Million, all by investing in small-cap and micro-cap stocks, otherwise known as "Penny Stocks."
Proof Of Amazing Results James Connelly Has Achieved For His …

Rents in Perth city

searching House rentals in Perth citysearching for a rental  place can be quite  a tiresome and stressful activity.I have listed a few websites here that will help you get yourself a rental property as soon as possible, giving to you the various options available for people looking to rent a  place The one print addition ( newspaper ) that is quite popular to list renal houses  is the “quokka newspaper” which is out every Thursday, make sue you get the print edition as the online site is not up to scratch. The west Australian is another newspaper but with not as many listings as the quokka.Rentals in Perth - Search 1000's rental propertiesFind your place in Perth Perth - Places for rents near Perth WARents Perth CityRents can average anywhere from $350 to $450 in the Perth central cbd or nearby Northbridge and west Perth and north Perth.Off course this can again vary based on the condition and location and age of the house.One of the local websites that you c…