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Royalties for Regions program to boost WA budget

The “Royalties for Regions program”, which ensures 25 per cent of the state's mining and onshore petroleum royalties are spent in regional areas, is as good example of how the government can make use the mining boom to actually improve the living standards of even those not participating in the industry.This program will ensure that WA gets a  more equal spread of the dividends
A $600 million boost for social services announced  after the WA budget will help answer the desperate calls from welfare organizations struggling to cope with the increased demand for their services.Royalties for Regions is an historic agreement that underlines the State Government’s long-term focus on regional development throughout Western Australia.
Through Royalties for Regions, the equivalent of 25 per cent of the State’s mining and onshore petroleum royalties will be returned to the State’s regional areas each year as an additional investment in projects, infrastructure and community services.
The mo…