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The rise of the Carbon Companies 2011

The creation of a $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), a Greens-led initiative, could provide a significant boost to emerging technologies such as solar, geothermal and wave, along with storage and hybrid schemes.
The Australian government has a target of a 5 per cent emissions reduction from 2000 levels by 2020The word “carbon”  by the looks of it has already overshadowed the word “sustainable” though both are rightly intertwined into each others destiny. Many renewable energy stocks have enjoyed a three-fold rebound in recent weeks.
Some Australian companies that might benefit from the new Government carbon and sustainable resources initiativePetratherm (PTR) - Recent price 17.5¢
The company is conducting tests at its Paralana well, which could indicate whether it will be able to extract energy from the superheated rocks 4000 metres underground. If this process proves successful Petratherm will reap benefits for itself and its investors
Geodynamics (GDY) – Recent price

China and the Rare Earth Monopoly

A boom has been undergoing  in rare metal prices  and has garnered a lot of attention for the "rare earth" Mining industry. With china holding the monopoly for rare earths with large deposits of rare earth in china  and china also trying to control rare earth assets in Australia and other countries , they  certainly indicate the preciousness  and value of this commodity.
Chinese stranglehold on rare earths in global marketRare earths are used in products including magnets, plasma TVs and smart phones,  and there  is a growing demand for more and more gadgets using  these materials. Dysprosium a rare earth , which is processed to make magnets for hybrid cars and smartphones, has soared to $3,600 a kilogram, up from $300 a kg a year ago, while neodymium, also used in magnets, is hovering at about $450 a kg, up from $45 late last year.

China, which controls more than 90 percent of the rare earths global market, has restri…