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A collection of Links– Can too much analysis causes paralysis

A good collection of links from economic factors to stock market analysis
Articles to ponder and read
Joseph Stiglitz re-examines the cause of the Great Depression and applies it to today. Click here.And here The Economist responds to him. (It's rubbish, they say.) Click here.Christopher Hitchens is dead. He was a great writer and independent thinker. Here he is talking about the art of writing and life in general. Click here.Here's his website, called The Daily Hitchens. Click here.Here is a compendium of his outburts (quotes). Click here.A nice piece in New Yorker by his friend Christopher Buckley. Click here.A collection of his articles put together by Slate. Click here.And finally, here he is in debate on the question: can morality exist without God. Click here.What went wrong with the Freakonomics formula. Click here.Europe: The Brussels plan is a decent stopgap. But if Europe's countries in crisis can't hold out long enough to start growing their economies again, …

Bankers get with the chrissy spirit !!

The small credit unions( BANK OF QUEENSLAND &  MEMBERS EQUITY BANK ) jump started the  Christmas spirit  with passing on the full rate cut   and t he big four  followed suit  to brighten up everybody's Christmas. In spite of the sorry looking  state of affairs in Europe and the US ,  our banks  have weathered this financial crisis much better than some other countries  and have given the aussies some respite this Christmas by passing the full rate cut   to  mortgage holders. This will come a s a big relief to many  home owners who  have been  faced with mortgage stress. Among the “big four banks” ANZ was the first of the big four to announce it was passing on the official quarter of a percentage pointinterest rate cutBanks that passed the official quarter of a percentage point interest rate cutANZ BANK NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANKCOMMONWEALTH BANKWESTPAC BANKBANK OF QUEENSLANDMEMBERS EQUITY BANKWhile the economy  is booming  and the royalties from our mines which are flowing into t…