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What happens when mining companies takeover TV , Newspaper and radio channels

These are the times  for common man to worry when  Large corporations  have a vested interest  in  the large media  companies and COULD POSSIBLY OWN THEM and run them for their own benefit . We saw the big  ad campaigns being  run  TV , MEDIA AND RADIO   against the mining taxes on these mining companies  ( costing millions of dollars) by  Mining companies  when there was a risk to their big mining profits  and pockets,  when the Government  were planning to introduce  New mining taxes.  With mining companies now directly having a stake in media companies this could be a game changer  for them.
GINA RINEHART ( Australia's richest person thanks to her iron ore fortune in the Pilbara ) last night joined the ranks of Australia's media barons after becoming the biggest shareholder in Fairfax Media.
Image courtesy : - The complete debt management resource

The company ( Fairfax Media )  for which she is now one of the major shareholder runs Various Influential NEW…