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Food industry stocks

Food stock picks that will grab your appetite, the below two stocks  are two  good punts and  exist in the Consumer Services Industry group in the ASX.Collins foods :  Sizzler and KFC stores $1.17 ( As at 6:59PM 29/10/2012) – > Check current share priceCollins Foods Limited (ASX: CKF)Collins Foods Limited is an Australian listed public company. Collins Foods operates the food service retail outlets Sizzler in Australia and KFC in Queensland (Queensland- operate 122 KFC outlets and in Australiawide operate 27 Sizzler restaurants).Dominos : Pizza  ( and now pastas , chicken and more )Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DMP)PUBLISHED: 04 OCT 2012 [ Domino’s Pizza is trading at record highs after rising more than 35 per cent in the year to date. The fast food retailer has pursued a strategy focused on expanding online sales through discounted prices.]Dominos is taking advantage of technology with apps and  online marketing  and thier  shareholders  and even customers are loving it . More than …

Free Stock market trading offered by Bell direct

Today i got a pleasant sunrise when i opened my Email account , i am glad that i signed up with Bell direct  Trading as an option to COMSEC trading ( for my share trading) , but  this  secondary option is looking more and more like my primary option  and infact spurred me on  to do more trading  with their “Free trades offer” .Here is a SNAP SHOT of their offerThat's rightWith  this free Stock market trading offerJust trade and every 5th trade will be FREE until 30 November 2012.The also say “When the share market rallies, most people miss out on the first 10% of the gain”  but im not  to sure about a rally soon , but you can never say.If you signing up with them  Here is some prosGood  Free Info on stocks with broker recommendations Stock Research available for free$15 tradesCONSWish their  payment processing from bank to account was much easier to doWish their Placing trades section was more streamlined like comsecKeep trading !! good luck

Official Rate cut & Bank Rate Cuts 2012

The RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.25 per cent, effective 3 October 2012 pic ref : Banks on the  rate cut RBA governor Glenn Stevens said the outlook for global growth had softened with China's expansion slowing down. The rate is the lowest rate in the past three years now.So how are the banks helping out with our mortgage rates ?BankRate Cut New rateReserve Bank (RBA)0.25%3.25%NAB ( National Bank) 0.20%6.58%CBA ( Commonwealth Bank)0.20%6.6%Westpac  0.18%6.71%ANZ No updateNo updateANZ remains the only big four bank to hold out on rates, shunning drops by NAB, Westpac and Commonwealth banks.Interest Rate Cuts History 2008–2012Effective DateChange in cash rate
Percentage pointsNew cash rate target
Per cent3 Oct 2012-0.253.255 Sep 20120.003.508 Aug 20120.003.504 Jul 20120.003.506 Jun 2012-0.253.502 May 2012-0.503.754 Apr 20120.004.257 Mar 20120.004.258 Feb 20120.004.257 Dec 2011…