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Nearmap up 253% in earnings

This quarter results has been announced for NEARMAP LTD

For those not in the know nearmap is a company  that does aerial mapping  just like google maps, the difference between them both them and google is Nearmap  updates thier maps more frequently  and also much their maps are clearer due to difference int echnology and also due to their own developed patented technology

I had earlier bough this stock at
NEA 31-Jan-2013 @0.070 x21,428=$1499.96
Check hereNews released yesterday for Nearmap 18/04/2013 18/04/2013 Appendix 4C – quarterly
According to the pdf release on asx

Near maps principal activity is Provision of geospatial map technology for business, enterprises and government customers.
Nearmap stock price charts 

Screen cap of price today which you get when type in “ASX NEA” in google search  . I noticed that  when i click on 5 day (5d) the graph didn't change to reflect the jump from  0.14 to 0.25 today. something not right in google graph.

Anyway anybody w…