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Spotlight on backdoor listing with moboom

Our spotlight is on the backdoor listing of moboom with AACL holdings this month which falls under our speculative buy. Speculative as it a  general website company  that  is finding its way in a competitive  niche with players already present in this niche. The final method of acquisition and the structure of the Proposed Transaction with AACL and moboom  is subject to further discussions and advice.

Takeovers and mergers | AACL and Moboom At this price $0.020 its as a speculative buy with  the moboom backdoor listing , worth a look if you  follow the technology sector specifically  with website development. I would give it  a 50/50 chance  of making some money  in their next profit reporting season
AACL with Moboom Backdoor listing
What is a back door listing? A back door listing, sometimes referred to as a reverse takeover, reverse merger, or reverse IPO, occurs when a privately-held company that may not qualify for the public offering process purchases a publicly-traded company. W…