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When banks behave badly–EBook

Every Australian Could be Owed MoneyThis is the book that every Australian should read. There is only one way to get your money back and that’s get educated about how they have been taking YOUR money. Once you understand the secret ways your account has been drained we show you how to claim it back. Did you know in the UK hundreds of Millions of Pounds have been handed back to Customers and its quietly going on here as well.Can the banks shut us down?Lets face it, I know the banks can play hard ball with teams of solicitors and they will try to close this site down any way they can, but we are prepared for it. We have the book loaded up on servers in different countries all round the world and there are back up web sites and domains located across the world as well. All sales are conducted in another country and the publisher is offshore as well.Book video- When banks go bad !