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Budget 2015 Australian and Iron ore blues

The budget for 2015 in Australia is out , with tv channels, Property investors, Businessmen and the general public waiting with anxiousness to see what it brings. There is no doubt about it there is a deficit in the Australian economy, but its yet to be seen how this budget has been affected by the declining prices of the Iron ore industry and the doom and gloom climate in the oil and gas industry.
Australia's conservative government assumes the price of iron ore, the country's largest export, will average $US48 a ton in 2015-16, well below the $US60-per-ton estimate given late last year. The iron-ore price has collapsed to around $US55 per ton currently, down from a peak of $US185 per ton in 2011. The price hit a recent low of $US43 per ton in April.  Budget Day 2015 Australia [12 May 2015] Below are the links you will need to get a full bottle on all the budget news you can eat!
Government website - BUDGET SPEECH 2015Delivered on 12 May 2…