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Making money from the stock market is possible and they are many people doing it, unfortunately there is a large percentage failing as well. 
Can you succeed in the Australian  stock market?  How do you trade the market successfully? 
Read  below all you need to know  to become a day trader and the best stocks to trade in the asx.

Do you want to become a day trader?

Popular movies like “The wolf of wall street” and “Wall street” make it all look too easy and glamorous. But it’s not such an easy gig. Successful traders either have it or they don’t. Learning the stock market and researching the companies play a big part in a trader’s success. Some traders can learn, trade and achieve success.

Is there a secret recipe. Most traders will not reveal how they succeed, but they would have developed a winning strategy by testing and trading. Once you start trading you will have wins and some loses, this is what will teach you how to build your winning strategy.
I will give you more information about…