Now Pre-paid credit cards for teens


Pre-paid credit cards for teens

Imagine the opportunity here. A market which spends an incredible amount of time online, with (in most cases) nothing but disposable cash which is already topped up on a card and ready to be spent online – on whatever they choose.

The card is available to 13 – 18’s, costs only $5.95 to setup and can be topped up to a maximum of $1000 spend limit.

In a way, we could look at it as prepping the next generation of consumers, acclimatizing them to the process of shopping online.The card comes with a catch (albeit a very minor one), the holder of the card needs to have an active MySpace account.

Concert tickets, clothes, iPods, pre-paid pone credit, music – all the things that teens would typically have to ask Mum and Dad to buy for them, they will now have the flexibility to buy themselves online.

It’s great that ANZ have identified this opportunity, but perhaps it would be wise to extend the offer to Facebook account holders – not just MySpace.

With two thirds of all teens using some form of social networking site, the sky’s the limit.

When you think about this new generation of shoppers, and the existing online market – do you really have a reason not to take your business online?

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