penny hopefuls still drag on in 2011

If you are a David Haselhurst follower , you will be a bit disappointed with the  year ending result on his money magazine portfolio which ended in a –19.00% portfolio change for the calendar year ending. I do keep a watch on his penny hopefuls and do follow a few  of his punts  in my own portfolio , as i do admire his winning streak  punt for  penny stocks from previous years. The last couple of years with the US crash , Euro crash  there is still some weakness in the Australian stock market  which is also evident in the penny stocks  and the speculators portfolio.

speculator picks

His last pick in Oct. 2011 was Blackwood Corp  (BWD)  which was formerly “Matilda Minerals Limited” which was picked up at 0.23 and still remains at 0.23. You can get more details on Blackwood Corp here on their website.

Blackwood corp speculator CTP exco and david haselhurst

The Exco Resources Punt

David Haselhurst took a punt of EXCO Resources( EXS)  in June 2011 @ $0.615 which has since then taken a beating with the current price as of today being  $0.19. Exco resources has quite a few  tenements in its prospecting portfolio in Queensland and South Australia besides the one it sold to Xstrata , which could possibly generate more income for the company.

“Exco Resources Ltd” (ASX: EXS) is an ASX listed mining and exploration company that has been operating since 1998. It operates the White Dam Gold Mine and the Cloncurry Copper Project (CCP). The CCP was sold to Xstrata Copper for A$175M in June 2011, generating a significant return on equity and the Company subsequently returned A$135M (A$0.38/share) to its shareholders as a fully franked dividend and capital return.



One of his picks from which i have profited before CTP or Central petroleum  has had some good news  , with it striking oil  at its Suprise well and it being the first significant discovery of oil flow from a onshore discovery  when most of the discovery are from offshore in the waters off Australia. You can hear a report of this onshore discovery of central petroleum over here.

If you check out the shareholders list , you can see  some very respected parties in the shareholders list  of central petroleum as below

Top Twenty Shareholders of central petroluem (CTP)
NameShares Owned% of Shares Owned
Brighten International Pty Ltd22,841,5512.13%
National Nominess Limited22,074,9802.06%
Citicorp Nominees Limited15,044,5121.40%
Mr Mark Philip Shawcross13,250,0001.23%
Renlyn Bell Investments Pty Ltd10,416,6700.97%
Comsec Nominees Pty Limited10,213,6080.95%
JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited9,996,2350.93%
RBJ Nominees Pty Ltd9,375,0000.87%
Franze Holdings Pty Ltd9,360,0000.87%
AMG International Pty Ltd8,915,0000.83%
Salavente Pty Ltd (GRB Superannuation Fund A/C)8,625,0000.80%
Colbern Fiduciary Nominees Pty Ltd7,181,8180.67%
Advent Energy Ltd6,250,0000.58%
Mr John Phillip Heugh5,741,4290.53%
Agens Pty Limited5,324,1760.50%
Brispot Nominees Pty Ltd 5,032,6460.47%
Marford Group Pty Ltd (Aggressive Trade A/C)5,000,0000.47%
Blamnco Trading Pty Ltd5,000,0000.47%
Mr Garry Bonaccorso & Mrs Dorothy Bonaccorso (Osrocc Super A/C)5,000,0000.47%


I still think CTP is a good buy at tis current prices, though currently don’t hold any of its stock as i have already taken a punt on some other ones  with my money already tied up.



Central Petroleum Exploration document (PDF, 4MB)

Payment of Dividend – Exco Resources Update & 2011 Annual Report

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  1. Hi there, I was wanting to find out what David Hazelhurst is doing these days and whether the averaqe Joe can access his stuff from overseas. I thought he went over to the Al Kohlers Eureka report and the Money mag after the demise of the Bulletin in 08. I dont live in Oz anymore but still trade there. Can you help me find out how to get to read his stuff without having to join any newsletter group. Steve

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