A collection of Links– Can too much analysis causes paralysis

A good collection of links from economic factors to stock market analysis

Articles to ponder and read

    • Joseph Stiglitz re-examines the cause of the Great Depression and applies it to today. Click here.
    • And here The Economist responds to him. (It’s rubbish, they say.) Click here.
    • Christopher Hitchens is dead. He was a great writer and independent thinker. Here he is talking about the art of writing and life in general. Click here.
    • Here’s his website, called The Daily Hitchens. Click here.
    • Here is a compendium of his outburts (quotes). Click here.
    • A nice piece in New Yorker by his friend Christopher Buckley. Click here.
    • A collection of his articles put together by Slate. Click here.
    • And finally, here he is in debate on the question: can morality exist without God. Click here.
    • What went wrong with the Freakonomics formula. Click here.
    • Europe: The Brussels plan is a decent stopgap. But if Europe’s countries in crisis can’t hold out long enough to start growing their economies again, it won’t matter. Click here.
    • Ric Battelino’s excellent speech about Europe and the effect on the banks and Australia. Click here.
    • This was a terrific interview by Phillip Adams with Stratfor’s George Friedman on “The Next Decade”. Click here.
    • Market conditions have switched to “Hard-Negative”, says John Hussman. Click here.
    • Europe is systemically important for at least three huge reasons. Click here.
    • Zero Hedge on the Australian bank stress tests. Click here.
    • 19th Century ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ at Heart of Europe’s North/South Debt Crisis Split. Click here.
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