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No Surprises

“The Bank of England raised its main interest rate to a six-year high as the fastest economic growth since the start of the decade is fueling inflation.”

Bear’s Market Blues

By Bill Bonner. “Anyone who would lend money to something called the High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage Fund deserves the indigestion he gets.”

Market Made Shock Wave

By Bill Bonner. “When money and credit are free and easy, people become free and easy with them. They begin spending more than they should…and investing recklessly. Eventually, there is a shock… a tipping point…a moment of desperate reality…”

Waiting on the Central Banks

By Chris Gaffney. “With all of the economists predicting no change in rates, the risks are that the ECB goes ahead and moves rates up now which would send the euro up another couple of cents.”

All Aboard the Buffett Express

By Christopher Hancock. “It was about this time in 2002 that a rebirth in the tangible assets sector really began. Much of that growth can be directly attributed to the insatiable demand for raw materials that China and India are now consuming.”

Counting Swans on Wall Street

By Bill Bonner. “Wall Street cannot really measure risk. It doesn’t know any better than we do when the ‘black swan’ is going to appear.”

Elliott Wave International NewsWire

European Stocks: No S-PAIN, No Gain?

The main engine of Spain’s economic growth has been real estate. In the 12 months ending March 2007, home prices rose by a national average of 7.2%. But there is an integral stage of every mania in which warnings from the professionals go unheeded by the public. Is that time at hand in Spain? Read on…

Special Report: Can This Indicator Improve Your Trading?

What many traders find helpful in dealing with hope and fear — two primal emotions deeply seated in human nature — are technical market indicators. It’s much easier to stay with a winner or close a loser if the indicators you trust are telling you so. Elliott Wave International’s Tom Denham takes a close look at one such tool, the 50-percent retracement indicator, in the Special Report of his just-published, July issue of the monthly European Financial Forecast. Read on…

Forex Video: Why Did The U.S. Dollar Fall On Friday?

At 8:30 on Friday morning (July 6), the closely-watched U.S. employment report did not disappoint — and yet, what did the dollar do shortly after the news? That’s right, it fell hard against the euro and other majors. Hmm. Watch the latest FREE VIDEO video from Elliott Wave International’s Chief Currency Strategist Jim Martens, where he explains why, from an Elliott wave point of view, the USD had no “choice” but to go down on Friday morning.

Forex: “Stick To Your Guns” (Free Video)

FREE VIDEO. On Thursday (June 28) the Federal Reserve did the expected and left the all-important U.S. unchanged yet again. The forex markets reacted rather erratically to the the Fed’s announcement: At first, the U.S. dollar got stronger, but then lost big in the overnight trading session. That initial dip probably shook many of traders out of their dollar longs and confused them about the direction of the larger trend in the euro/dollar and other currency pairs. But not everyone was confused. Watch this free video, where Elliott Wave International’s Chief Currency Strategist, Jim Martens, discusses the action in the forex markets around the time of the Fed’s announcement on June 28.

Futures: Knowing The WAY-ve

In the world of Elliott wave analysis, each of the 13 known wave patterns contains its own set of rules and guidelines, enabling analysts to calculate critical support and resistance levels that act as protective stops. Like landmarks, if prices fall behind or get ahead of these levels, the analyst knows to change direction and start again. For example, take the recent Featured Market segment of the June 15 Monthly Futures Junctures…

Does Wave Analysis Work in Futures Markets? (Video)

Does Elliott wave analysis work in all markets? What other technical analysis tools can you use to enhance your wave counts? What chart format should you use when looking for wave patterns: bar, line, candlestick? These are just some of the questions our readers send to us regularly. Watch this free video, when one of the members of Elliott Wave International’s Flash services team answers these questions and more.

InvestorsInsight: Financial Intelligence for Informed Investors

Thoughts From The Frontline – Where is the Real Risk in the Subprime Debacle?

This week we continue to look at an alphabet soup of problems: RMBSs, CDOs, Alt-A, BBB and – a new acronym to put on your radar screen – the very useful CDS. When does an AAA rating not mean an offering is ready for prime time?

Forecasts & Trends – Greatest Gift For Your Kids Or Grandkids (Or You)

This week, we revisit an article I have published on two occasions in the past regarding the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. Johnson O'Connor is a nationwide, non-profit organization that has been testing human aptitudes for 85 years…

Mauldin's Outside The Box – Knights of the Round Table: Mapping out the Markets

This week in a very special Outside the Box we have an investment outlook tour de force. My friend and South African business partner Dr. Prieur du Plessis gathered a group of some of the more interesting investment managers in the industry…

What We Now Know – Week of 06/26/2007


Shadow Statistics
Gold Shares in a Crashing U.S. Stock Market
Remote-Controlled Humans

RightSide Advisors News Feed

200 Day Moving Average Support

The latest in technical analysis on the Qs

Eagle Materials Still Flying High / Illinois Tool Isnt Working

Chairman of Eagle Materials buys $14 million in shares

Bill DAlonzo: High on PCP

DAlonzo buys over $167 million of Precision Castparts

Resistance Continues.

The latest in technical analysis on the Q’s.

Thornburg Mortgage: Is Wall Street knocking at the door?

CEO of TMA buys $2.2 million in shares.

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