Australian Mining Resources and Information

Below is information and links on Australian mining resources and Mining geo science data. Listed below are links that will provide you information on mining sector and also government websites and governing authority’s that hold data on Australia’s  mining industry.

Mining in Australia is a significant primary industry and contributor to the Australian economy. . Mining contributed significantly to preventing potential bankruptcy for the early colonies in Australia.

Australia’s population changed dramatically as a result of the gold rushes: in 1851 the population was 437,655 and a decade later it was 1,151,947; the rapid growth was predominantly a result of recent immigrants from the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth states.

Australia was the world’s third largest supplier of iron ore in 2008 after China and Brazil, supplying 342 million metric tonnes

Australian Mines Atlas –

Government website that provides information on Mineral Resources, Mines, and Processing Centres

This website is useful in

Methods for obtaining mineral deposit information.

Steps to produce an Excel spreadsheet or Google Earth file of mineral occurrences for a particular commodity.

Downloading JORC data and its amazing search tool


Geoscience Australia

is a world leader in providing first class geoscientific information and knowledge. Geoscience Australia offers free, secure access to the latest seismic and geological data supporting the current Australian Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release, and is available to all Australian and international petroleum exploration companies.

Much of the raw material mined in Australia is exported overseas to countries such as China for processing into refined product. Energy and minerals constitute two thirds of Australia’s total exports to China, and more than half of Australia’s iron ore exports are to China


Minerals  and mining tax

Minerals Resource Rent Tax

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) is a tax on profits generated from the exploitation of non-renewable resources in Australia. It is the replacement for the proposed Resource Super Profit Tax (RSPT)



Mining, Resources & Energy Jobs



Australian mineral statistics 2011

Mineral Resources Act 1989

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