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Links and Banner Swap

Link exchange has to be managed wisely!links swap management is not an easy task, but if done properly, it might significantly boost your website's ranking.First, you should build a link exchange page for your website. If you swap links heavily, you should consider links categorization, and you should create a separate page for each sub-category. It is very annoying for surfers to see huge links pages, with hundreds of non-categorized links, even if they are theme-related. ANY category can be sub-categorized, and you should do that.
Second, you should include your link exchange information in a very clear manner. Some webmasters give the HTML code to be included for the link, and this is a great idea! Anyway, you should provide at least you URL, your link text (your keyphrases to be included!) and a short description of your website (again, your keyphrases to be included!). If you want, you can provide a small image or banner, but keep in mind that text links are more valuable than…

Starting An Online Business

Starting An Online Business

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More affilate programs - Thanks Anne

For the last week or so, this question of making money from blogs has been pretty paramount in my head (for reasons which may or may not become obvious) and in the last few days they've really shifted to front of mind.There is a lot of discussion as to whether bloggers are "selling out" if they allow advertising on their blogs. I don't think they are - I rather reluctantly added Google Ads to my main blog about five or six months ago and they've not had a negative effect on my traffic and not one person emailed me saying "I see you are selling out". Admittedly they are not going to make me a fortune but they took about ten minutes to install and I might make $50 out of them by the end of the year. Nowt really, but in my eyes money for nothing.My amazon affiliate links make me far more money (well money in the sense of amazon gift certificates) and I can't remember the last time I actually paid for a CD, book, mp3 player, rechargeable batteries…

Makemoney Through websites

If you're a Webmaster whose site receives even a modest amount of traffic, you've no doubt dreamed of the untold riches that lie untapped in your traffic stream. The burning question is: "How can I make the most money possible from my Website traffic?" This article will help you answer that question, as we explore several of the most common and profitable methods that are currently being employed to convert page views into dollars:
· Traditional banner advertising
· Pay-per-click (contextual) banner advertising
· Subscription revenue
· Affiliate and CPA programs
· Text links
We'll finish up with a review of the finer points of online selling.
Traditional Banner Advertising
One of the earliest and most prevalent forms of monetizing site traffic is the ubiquitous online banner. Originally most popular in the 468x60 pixel version, banners are now available in many different sizes and shapes. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau now lists 16 standard ad units in its g…

Teasing Web surfers To come back to your blog

The way to make money on the Internet is to send them away. People come back to places that send them away. Memorize that one.Peter Da Vanzo discovers an old post on Scripting News that makes a very interesting read for bloggers who are struggling for return visitors.Dave writes that the fundamental law of the Internet seems to be the more you send visitor away from your site, the more they come back. It's why link-filled blogs do better than introverts. [If you don't link, the site visitor would leave your blog anyway]He cites examples of Google Web Search, MyYahoo! and Yahoo! News to prove his point.
Google proved this, in the age of portals that were trying to suck the eyeballs in and not let them go, Google took over by sending you off more efficiently than anyone else. Feeling lucky? Yahoo doubled their share of the online news market by adopting RSS and sending readers away as fast as they can. Who to? Their competitors, of course.Where do you go to get the latest from CN…