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Emerging companies- Speculative stocks- Small company stocks

If you take a gander at recent index figures for the ASX, you’ll notice a couple of sectors are clear stand out performers. The usual suspect, resources, is making ridiculous gains all the time. But, as a sector, Australian small cap stocks are currently enjoying their own expansionary phase.
The overall Aussie share market is up 11% so far this year, which is pretty handy. But Australian small caps (as a sector) are currently sitting on a 4½ month return of 15%. They’re beating the market by 4%.
In fact, if you’d invested in small caps one year ago today, you would have made 13% more than the market over the past twelve months Commonwealth Buy rating and valuation on Small emerging companies

Broadcast Title: CommSec 2007 Emerging Companies ConferenceBroadcast Type: Audio streamAudio webcast Link: to the Audio stream and view the announcement for Customers Limited (ASX: CUS.AX) below.
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some Intelligent investor stock tips

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It’s time to revisit our multi-year stock picking experiment. Two years and three stock picks isn’t enough to make a genuine assessment of an investor’s ability, but there are plenty of lessons in it nonetheless.Two years ago, in an article titled Top stocks for three years, we asked each of our analysts to put forward their best three stocks for the next three years. So, with one year left on the clock, let’s take a look at how things stand.Share / stock market Game Winner strategies
Whilst several analysts faced a total wipeout on Croesus Mining the biggest individual winner, a 291% return from Tim Searles’s selection, JBHi-Fi, emphasises an important investing lesson: The most you can ever lose on an ordinary share is 100% while the potential rewards are many times that. It’s what the academics term an ‘asymmetric payoff’ and it’s the reason we try not to beat ourselves up unduly over the occasional loss—you only need a couple of big…

Share / stock market Game Winner strategies

The sharemarket game held by the asx has ended and some nice suceesful strategies were used in the game , where people were given dummy cash to run a portfolio to gain profits and increase the value.Each Game has a distinct flavour as it is completely dependant on the direction of the market at the time. From the insights of our Game winners, the resources sector and US credit market were the keys in this Game.ELECTION NEWS : KEVIN RUDD AUSTRALIA NEW PRIME MINISTERGame shares' price list 6 September - 14 November (CSV 3kb) Index performance table 6 September - 14 November (CSV 1kb)National and New South Wales winner"Adam O’Connor"

Portfolio value - $65,864
Strategy: "From the outset I invested entirely in stocks from the resource sector. Despite the volatility associated with these stocks, I believed they provided me with the potential for the rapid short term gains required to go well in the game. Fortunately, I made this decision at a time when metal prices, pa…

Diggers and dealers - Australia's Gold rush backed by china

I'm wedged into a corner of the Wild West Saloon in Kalgoorlie, Australia, listening to a couple of investment bankers from Sydney discuss the tight market for Maseratis, when my new pal Ashok Parekh, the saloon's owner, interrupts.
"Hey, Fortune," he shouts over the AC/DC on the jukebox, placing a racquetball-sized piece of raw gold in my hand. "Take a look at this."
Parekh, 51, is a local kid who made good -- more precisely, a local of Pakistani descent who was born in Dublin and moved to this mineral-rich part of Western Australia as a teen. By day he runs an accounting firm that keeps the books for hundreds of private gold miners. (Thus the supersized $30,000 nugget, which he bought from a client two years ago.)
But it's his role as the proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, which houses the saloon -- he also owns the Palace Hotel and its Gold Bar across the street -- that makes him possibly the most popular man in town. He also has an awesome mid…

Trading cfd s _ showing market growth

There's a battle being staged in financial markets, that's set to intensify as issuers of Australia's hottest investment product - contracts for difference, of CFDs - grapple for business in the emerging market.Louise Bedford, a trading expert and principal of web-based operator Trading Secrets, says the key challenges for anyone who wants to start trading CFDs are to make sure they are emotionally suited to trading and have the investment skills to handle highly geared investments. "You shouldn't trade CFDs until you have had experience trading shares," she says.Szabo, of IG Markets, acknowledges that even with the day-trader levy, the zero brokerage offer has taken the current price competition to a new level. "It is a fairly small firm so it's not clear that it will have a big impact, but we are definitely monitoring the situation," he says. While not commenting directly on Marketech, he also cautions investors that opting for a small firm g…