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Commodity warrants heats up with water trading

The cool waters are setting people hearts on fire . Water is  slowly and steadily climbing up the trading charts. The government is slowly buying up  water trading licenses  and off course no more  licenses are issuing. There is a reason for that  It is becoming more scarce. The people left with the licenses are now sitting on GOLD and you do know how gold prices are  at the moment. Water effectively is tomorrows GOLDHUNDREDS of water trades in Victoria will be allowed from tomorrow after a 10 per cent cap on entitlements was officially granted.Water trading is going to hot upVictorian Water Minister Tim Holding says removing the cap on non-water users will give irrigators greater choice."It also frees up water to be purchased from sellers as part of the Australian Government's buyback program to return water to the Murray River for the benefit of the environment,'' he said in a release.The cap on the volume of water entitlements that can be owned by non-landowners ha…

The rapid decline of Credit card debt in australia

Australians are switching from credit to debit cards as they avoid extra debt in a new era of fiscal conservatism. The value of purchases and cash advances on credit and charge cards fell 1.4 per cent to  $19.139 billion in July compared with the month before, data from the Reserve Bank revealed today.Reserve Bank statistics show credit cards are being payed off at the fastest rate on record.The figures show the average credit card balance stood at $3,100 dollars in July.That is 0.6 per cent lower than a year ago. There were 135.806 million transactions worth $19.250 billion in December, compared with 122.081 million transactions worth $18.314 billion in November, a rise of 5.1 per cent in value terms.Australian homeowners seem to be struggling not only with their mortgages but also with credit cards after a recent survey found that the majority carry both forms of debt.
Mortgage insurer Genworth found that 71 per cent of homeowners were responsible for both a mortgage and credit…

On the rise - European Markets

Europe shares hit a 11-month closing highEuropean stock markets ended the week in positive territory on Friday, swept along by investors optimistic about global economic prospects and a strong reading on a US consumer confidence index.The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 .FTEU3 index of top shares provisionally ended 0.6 percent higher at 993.97 points, its highest closing level in 11 months.Elsewhere in Europe there were gains of 0.7 per cent in Amsterdam, 0.4 per cent on the Swiss Market Index, 0.8 per cent in Milan, 0.3 per cent in Brussels and 1 per cent in Madrid.European shares closed higher on Friday, rising for the sixth consecutive day, as hopes about a swift global recovery pushed miners and banks into positive territory, while overseas macroeconomic data also helped.The index plummeted 45 percent in 2008, but has gained nearly 20 percent this year, soaring 54 percent since falling to a record low in March.However, it is still down almost 15 percent from its level in mid-Septem…

Now Pre-paid credit cards for teens

Pre-paid credit cards for teensImagine the opportunity here. A market which spends an incredible amount of time online, with (in most cases) nothing but disposable cash which is already topped up on a card and ready to be spent online - on whatever they choose.The card is available to 13 - 18’s, costs only $5.95 to setup and can be topped up to a maximum of $1000 spend limit.In a way, we could look at it as prepping the next generation of consumers, acclimatizing them to the process of shopping online.The card comes with a catch (albeit a very minor one), the holder of the card needs to have an active MySpace account.Concert tickets, clothes, iPods, pre-paid pone credit, music - all the things that teens would typically have to ask Mum and Dad to buy for them, they will now have the flexibility to buy themselves online.It’s great that ANZ have identified this opportunity, but perhaps it would be wise to extend the offer to Facebook account holders - not just MySpace.With two thirds of…

Common Mortgage Questions

Some Common Mortgage Questions and Ways To Get Their Answers

While you’re preparing to secure a mortgage loan, it is quite natural that there would be plenty of mortgage questions that you would want to ask. Before obtaining a mortgage loan, it is always advisable that you get answers to your mortgage questions.
Some Common Mortgage Questions That You Should Ask

Some familiar questions that are posed by mortgage borrowers include the following:
How the mortgage lenders would assess my creditworthiness? In order to take out a mortgage, what is the necessary minimum credit score that I should have? Which loan is more beneficial – fixed rate mortgage (FRM) or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)? Can I qualify for a mortgage with less than adequate credit? What is closing cost and what is its significance? Is it a favorable option to pay discount points so that I can get a lower interest rate? What are the factors that determine my monthly mortgage payments? For taking out a home mortgage loan,…

Will we catch the dreaded september blues this month?

The september blues  is gonna get ya !! Exactly one year ago, worries about the economy were giving way to cautious optimism.Then came September, and Bam.
The failure of Lehman Brothers was the catalyst, turning a recession into a crisis. The credit markets froze, and stock prices went into a frightening free fall.
A year later, Washington Mutual languishes in bankruptcy, and the stock market once again has bounced back from a holeSo is September month bad for stocks ?In stock market lore, September holds the worst reputation of any month by far.
Go back 20 years, 50 years or even a century, and the ninth month is consistently the weakest. Over the past 100 years, September stock prices have declined by an average of nearly one percentage point, according to an analysis by the Bespoke Investment Group. All the other months have tallied gains, except February, which is down only slightly over that same historical period.Well irrespective of  months and their shortfalls and downfall…

Energgy sector shines for NMS , MMS and WOR

The GAS and ENERGY sector has made a mad rush  for growth in the Australian economy  and the main benefactors are going to be the Australian economy  GAS AND ENERGY SECTOR POISED FOR GROWTHWith many big mergers with the likes of British gas  , and more mergers with SA energy drilling companies and  now the biggest Energy project GORGON  poised to go ahead  in WA , Australia  will be reaping the rewards for long time to come.Both gas and electricity transmission are recording unprecedented levels of capital expenditure under the regulatory regime and those who do make these investments are out performing other sectors of the economyWOODSIDE PETROLUEMOur second biggest energy explorer woodside petroluem has also been expanding capacity. Woodside Petroleum Ltd, Australia's No.2 oil and gas producer, is looking to add four extra production trains at its Pluto gas project, more than earlier planned, to tap growing gas demand in the Asian Pacific region.Woodside had previously given pla…