3 ways to Check stocks At work

Not everybody is a  fulltime stockbroker  or then   able to constantly  check on their stocks and how it is faring during the day.

Infact a large number of  people now days  are part time stock brokers with a full time job or part time job  with not enough time , nor access  to get an update on their stocks while the market is open.

With stock broking  and trading  timing can play a huge part in if you suceed or then how much gain you make , and for that you need to know when that stocks are going up or then down to do a successful trade.

Australian stock watch mobile trading

We show you 3 easy ways to  Check those stocks wherever you are at work or on the road/

3 ways to check your stocks on the Go from work

1. If you have internet access at work it pretty easy

Past this url in your browser at work


Change the codes in url ( eg Bhp) ( or add another Asx stock code) for it to show up on the resulting page

If you got Google access You can try  this url http://www.google.com/finance?q=ASX%3ABHP ( replace Bhp with whatever other code you want )

2. Mobile alerts via sms at www.tradingroom.com.au

just sign up here at –> http://mobile.tradingroom.com.au/webLandingPage.action

and  You can enter your mobile number  and set up stock to watch  and you can  set  it up to get a sms when a stock reaches a certain price( up /Down). I think the charges are 0.50 Cent a sms .Please check with website. I have used this service to my advantage.


3.Get a Iphone or Internet enabled Phone

If you get the Iphone it makes it much easier as Quite a few Banks ( commonwealth iphone) now got their own software to put on these iphones to make trading easy on the go. If not you can just access  your favorite stockbroker  by your internet enabled phone

commonwealth clients have the option of logging in  at www.commsec.com.au/iphone/ on their iPhone.


Iphone Mobile stock trading

For Nokia Phone  Owners Check these out

Simply punch the following URLs into your Nokia browser and make sure you bookmark the page once it loads — these long addresses are such a pain to type repeatedly (trust us).


— works perfectly on the 5800 XpressMusic, not so well on the 6210 Navigator.


— the Westpac site is only iPhone styled at its landing page. Once you click "mobile banking login" you are directed to the standard desktop style log-in page.


— the ANZ iPhone portal was one of the original Made for iPhone banking sites in Australia, and is still probably the most attractive.


— the NAB’s iPhone page is a bit strange. It has the right look, but lacks the all-important Mobile Banking Log-in button, even on the iPhone. The best you can do is choose the option to go to the standard page, and then you may as well just type nab.com.au into your address bar instead.


— the Commonwealth Bank’s netbank portal is the only site in this list that the 5800 wouldn’t display as it does on the iPhone. Luckily, the CommBank is well prepared for mobile web traffic with an excellent WAP page design to suit nearly all phones.

Patrons are advised to do these activities at thier own risk and observing thier workplace rules 🙂

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