APS Australian Stock Portfolio

We been slacking off fro some time with our live portfolio , due to the downturn in markets , GFC Floods, Storms  , Droughts and doom and gloom in the markets and the US And EUROPE CRISIS. These seem to be everyone’s excuse  nowadays for their woes and failures  so we though we might as well use it .Off course there are always genuine affected parties, but we will leave that for another time. Lets focus on now.

Our live Australia Portfolio 2012/2013

WE are optimists and  while everybody i holding to their cash  or stuffing their bank accounts with  loads of cash like  they were Santa filling up stockings we will do exactly the opposite WE WILL SPEND ON SOME STOCKS.

aussie punt portfolio

Iron ore prices are down but we are buying into Australia’s resilience  and good quality ore and so we buy

Our Penny stock  Aussie punts on the stock market


AGO 03-Sep-2012  @1.31 X 4000= $5240


AMCOM  03-Sep-2012 @ 1.11 x4000=$4440


FMG  30-Aug-2012 @ 3.47 x1500=$5205


AGO ( ATLAS IRON) because we like  their  good quality grade of iron ore  and David Flanagan is a true blue honest aussie ( so to speak)

Amcom  ( AMCOM TELECOMMUNICATIONS) – Because they  are so good and everybody love this isp including me , plus they have been giving out some good profit results for obvious reasons

FMG  ( FORTESCUE METALS GROUP ) – A owner that invests in his own shares can definitely  increase my confidence besides  this is the cheapest iron ore stock among the big players


Good luck Punters !!

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