Comsec platform gets upgrade

Comsec, the commonwealth banks trading platform is getting a upgrade  roll out , with many comsec traders already getting sneak peak into their new  trading platform.

Comsec platform trading guide and tips – Here

The new platform provided more interactive support and research from comsec ,with home and business traders being able to get extensive research even on a company to company basis
They will be providing heatmaps , graphs and financial charts in addition to their  comprehensive commentary and analysis  on overall sectors  that the already provide
what happened overnight in trading day
Here is the comsec promotional video below giving you a brief summary of whats new on “comsec Trading platform” 

The new features in comsec trading platform  in a  glance:

  • New stock screener and comparison tools
  • Data, tips and research from and the  CBA team
  • Heatmaps and graphs
  • And comparison charts , SmartText Analysis and  complex technical indicatorsand company research tools

The new Deep company analysis tools on the comsec trading platform below
extensive reporting  and research comsec platform

Belldirect Platform upgrade

Well not to be outdone , belldirect  which is my other trading platform that i use , has also sent me a email today saying
This weekend the Bell Direct website will be refreshed to reflect our brand new look. Click here to find out more.”

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