IS the bull back ??


So is the bull Really back ?

Recently  positive activity on the market  , foregoing the small  plunges  are certainly  indicating a more positive trend  to the market.

We  certainly  got scrooged  when brokers and pundits were  giving us  the buy , buy , buy  signs  well into the start of the bear market  when it all began. And many people lost their  hard earned money on that  buy signals . Did the  pundits get it wrong  ??

Well now  we are  on the move upwards for quite some time   and  there are more  brokers  pundits and analysts saying    Its still not looking good  and  its a bear trap.

Are they right  this time ?

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Trading   is all about getting in at the right time and getting out at the right time. As we all know  the stock market  definitely  starts to recover before the property market  and normally  the stock market recovery  is the first signs showing the economy is getting back to normal.

I’ve been watching Westpac  , RHG and  Harvey Norman  and rhg seems to be rocketing through the roof past couple of days. That could be a Money maker , i would keep an eye on that stock  , specially as it is  part of the Westpac group.

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Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index slipped 0.6 percent to 3,867.10 at the close in Sydney. New Zealand’s NZX 50 Index gained 0.4 percent to 2,831.36 at the close in Wellington.

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