Learning from traders interviews

A good source of  what is happening on the market is  to get the  financial info straight from the people who are  in the ring fighting it out everyday to bring home their  bread and butter. Trader interviews give you a lot of  knowledge into the  workings of the daily  stock market  and how you trade.

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of people out there teaching trading that haven’t traded for a long time. Most teach strategies that may have worked at some point, but stopped working long ago. Most of the traders we talk to aren’t speaking at seminars and conferences. They aren’t writing newsletters. They definitely aren’t sitting in chat rooms giving out their stock picks.

TraderInterviews.com, quite simply, gives you an inside look into how real, everyday traders make their living. If you want to improve your trading results, doesn’t it make sense to talk with the people already making consistent money? No hype, no BS – just straight talk from traders who made it happen for themselves. Check out more  >> trading strategies

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