New R20 zoning could mean losses more than $200,000 for some

Under new  changes to property zoning laws in Australia   which will come into affect from April 2009 , people could be losing upto $200,000 on their land they were  planing to redevelop.

Under the new law properties zoned R20 with a land holding between 900 sq m and 1000 sq m will not longer be entitled to duplex sub-division.

Zoning laws have pretty much been the same for the last 20 yea105227688bl1222419960rs and this  change will  affect many residents  or retirees  who had planned to  redevelop  or downsize after retirement.  You could  possibly  gain approval to do the  redevelopment  before the  law changes  but do check on the details from the local authority or councils  for more details on this.

Ironically this law  comes at a time , when there  has been massive immigration levels  and people coming into WA and there  is also a bit of squeeze on the rental  market  for new immigrants into Australia.

New laws would change the  minimum to 1000 sq m to subdivide the property. 

Pls check  links below for  details about these proposed law changes

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