Optimizing Tools to Increase page rank

Traffic and visitors to your site depends mainly on how well your site is designed , keywords and many other factors.

I came across this site that Does all this for you and much more.Someof the tools listed here can help you find out what u ar e doing right with your site and improve on that and in which areas u need to do more with your site.
Check out all these toolslisted below

Backlink Checker
Google Banned checker
PageRank Prediction
Keyword Density
Keyword Suggestion
Link Popularity
Multi-Rank Checker
PageRank Checker
Rank Checker
ViewVisual PageRank
Website Speed Test
Alexa Traffic Rank

This website does have a bandwith limit so u might be able to use only 2 to 3 features at one time Here is the link >> http://www.iwebtool.com/

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