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Waiting on the Central Banksamp;133;

By Chris Gaffney. “With all of the economists predicting no change in rates, the risks are that the ECB goes ahead and moves rates up now which would send the euro up another couple of cents.”

All Aboard the Buffett Express

By Christopher Hancock. “It was about this time in 2002 that a rebirth in the tangible assets sector really began. Much of that growth can be directly attributed to the insatiable demand for raw materials that China and India are now consuming.”

Counting Swans on Wall Street

By Bill Bonner. “Wall Street cannot really measure risk. It doesn’t know any better than we do when the ‘black swan’ is going to appear.”

Land of the Free

By Bill Bonner. “What we have come to dislike about the neo-conservatives is not that their view of the world is right or wrong – for how could we know? – but that it is so small. They are true believers in a very tiny world…”

A Lack of Financial Independence

By Bill Bonner. “This Independence Day finds Americans less independent than ever before. They count on the Arabs for energy. And they depend on the Asians for money to pay for it.”

The Rails Return

By Chris Mayer. “In the last week of May, China introduced its first bullet trains – 280 cars capable of traveling up to 155 miles per hour. Now you can get from Beijing to Shanghai in 10 hours, instead of 12. Tickets sold out quickly.”

Elliott Wave International NewsWire

Market Watch: The No-Vacation Nation

If you are older than 50, you may remember when the average family was content with one income and two vacations. In the last five decades the average U.S. family has gradually moved toward several incomes and no vacations. Per year, the average American works 5 weeks more than the average Briton, and 12 weeks more than a German. Meanwhile, our social safety net, job security, access to health care, pensions, quality of life, and vacation time have all declined. Read on…

Market Watch: An Uneasy Confederacy of Creditors

One of the greatest threats to investors today is the confusing opacity of most financial instruments. The Dow is distorted by massive credit inflation, and the structures of derivatives, hedge funds and the now notorious CDOs are intentionally convoluted. When meaningful valuation judgments are even possible, they are difficult and perilous for you as an investor. But when Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings all abdicate their bond rating responsibility, you know the pressure is on. Read more…

Ford Shares (F): A Clear, Unmistakable Opportunity

One of the most frequent questions readers ask us is: “Can I apply Elliott wave analysis to individual stocks?” The short answer is — yes, but with one caveat: sufficient investor participation. To boost your accuracy, you can also combine your wave analysis with other technical tools — for example, trendlines. Trendlines work on any time frame and any market, and they can work beautifully with Elliott. Let’s look at one example: Ford Company (F), a large cap stock. Read on…

European Stocks: No S-PAIN, No Gain?

The main engine of Spain’s economic growth has been real estate. In the 12 months ending March 2007, home prices rose by a national average of 7.2%. But there is an integral stage of every mania in which warnings from the professionals go unheeded by the public. Is that time at hand in Spain? Read on…

Special Report: Can This Indicator Improve Your Trading?

What many traders find helpful in dealing with hope and fear — two primal emotions deeply seated in human nature — are technical market indicators. It’s much easier to stay with a winner or close a loser if the indicators you trust are telling you so. Elliott Wave International’s Tom Denham takes a close look at one such tool, the 50-percent retracement indicator, in the Special Report of his just-published, July issue of the monthly European Financial Forecast. Read on…

Commodities: The Train Is Coming Into The Station

If the world of Elliott Wave analysis was a traveling band, the contracting triangle (or horizontal) would get the most fanfare out of all corrective patterns. To explain exactly how this shape is instrumental for hitting the high notes of oppor-TUNE-ity, let’s turn to Futures Junctures editor Jeffrey Kennedy’s Traders Classroom Collection e-book and look at these two charts. Read on.

InvestorsInsight: Financial Intelligence for Informed Investors

Forecasts & Trends – Greatest Gift For Your Kids Or Grandkids (Or You)

This week, we revisit an article I have published on two occasions in the past regarding the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. Johnson O'Connor is a nationwide, non-profit organization that has been testing human aptitudes for 85 years…

Mauldin's Outside The Box – Knights of the Round Table: Mapping out the Markets

This week in a very special Outside the Box we have an investment outlook tour de force. My friend and South African business partner Dr. Prieur du Plessis gathered a group of some of the more interesting investment managers in the industry…

Thoughts From The Frontline – $250 Billion in Subprime Losses?

Is the subprime mortgage market collapsing before our eyes, or did we avoid a disaster as Bear Stearns stepped up to the plate with $3.2 billion to help its ailing funds?

What We Now Know – Week of 06/26/2007


Shadow Statistics
Gold Shares in a Crashing U.S. Stock Market
Remote-Controlled Humans

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200 Day Moving Average Support

The latest in technical analysis on the Qs

Eagle Materials Still Flying High / Illinois Tool Isnt Working

Chairman of Eagle Materials buys $14 million in shares

Bill DAlonzo: High on PCP

DAlonzo buys over $167 million of Precision Castparts

Resistance Continues.

The latest in technical analysis on the Q’s.

Thornburg Mortgage: Is Wall Street knocking at the door?

CEO of TMA buys $2.2 million in shares.

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