Positioning Your adsense Ads

Google Adsense Advertisenment placements
The amazing thing about the Adsense advertising system is how one simple change in positioning of your ads can have a Positive impact upon the earnings you receive from it. If it is done right you can doubled Your income overnight.

there are different positions where u can insert and place your ad I decided to shift my Adsense ads from the position that I had always had them at the middle to the top (banner position) of My blog.

The next day i decided to check my Adsense stats before runing off to work – imagine my surprise when I found that my click through rate was 40% higher than normal (and so was the earnings for that time of the day. At first I thought I was dreaming, then I considered that maybe my post at some other site had become real popular like at digg or some other forums where ipostt articles.I also got worried that somebody was randomly clicking all my ads maybe thinking i was using keywords to make me pay more money – and then I remembered the repositioning of ads that I had done a few hours before maybe was doing the trick and i was right.

Needless to say that got me all exicited and my strategy for the next few weeks was to trial and eror with different placement of ads on my 2 different website and blog, I was dissapointed that i didnt try this before.

I again checked the next couple of days and sure it was working right .. i has stumbled upon a placement goldmine and the hits surely increased. But i guess this could differ according to the theme of blog or design of website its all a case of trial and eror.

Happy ad placement guys!!

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