Stock market tips and trading for dummies

  • Investing in the stock market isnt as hard as some make it out to be. But, by the same token, it.s not exactly childs play, either. However, by learning some key concepts, terms and strategies used in marketplace, people can learn the lingo, acquire the skills and develop the instinct needed to effectively buy and sell stocks on the stock market.. There is also a popular book on Amazon – Investing for dummies for people interested in reading a book.

What is the stock market ?

The Stock Market The stock market is an organized system of buying and

selling stocks and shares, and a place in which these transactions take place is
called the stock market. The stock market deals with stocks of listed companies.
In short, the stock market aims at the overall stocks sold and bought at stock
markets. Before investing in the stock market, you need to know how it
Some people choose to do their buying and selling through a middleman, know as a broker or a dealer, who does the nitty-gritty of researching, suggesting, buying and selling stocks for his or her clients.

The broker or dealer typically earns a commission for stocks bought or sold.the commission varies depending on the broker or dealer, as well as on the volume of stock being bought or sold.

Below is A few tips I have put together for those people starting new in stock market investing or trading shares.These are some of the basic steps you should follow when u pick a stock to invest.

  • Make a simple plan to determine your goals and needs
  • Decide if stock u buying is long term or short term strategy stock.
  • Decide how much you want to make from each stock before hand ( 25 $ 100 $ 0r 1000 $)
  • Decide on when u wanna sell before u buy and at what profit margin ( 10% or 50 % profit gain)
  • Decide at start how long u hold stock before u sell ( if price not changing eg. 1 week – 3 weeks ) 
  • Decide how much stock loses value before u decide to sell ( 0.20c drop 2 $ drop or 1.50 $ drop )
Spread out your risk. You should not put all your money in high risk stocks. Try some lower risks and some higher risks

For almost all investors in the stock market, both beginners and seasoned traders alike, the selection of which stock to buy seems to be the crucial issue.

While investing in stocks, it is easy to become distracted and lose focus. Maybe your stock has been going down recently and you are afraid of losing any more money. Maybe you have found another stock you are interested in buying, but you need to sell your other stock first. Maybe you don’t like the ups and downs associated with investing in an individual stock.

In such a scenario, these simple questions might come handy while investing in the stocks:

1. Is the money I invested “extra” money that I can afford to lose or at

least hold on to through the rough times?
2. Do I have additional money to invest if another opportunity arises or am
I locked into one stock?
3. Should I still buy the stock today?

4. Should I consider investing in

something that has less volatile price movements?

Things to check in a Company Before u buy the shares
Volume of trading for the stock Currently Is the Dividend yield good – ( good figure at least approaching 10% )Low levels of debt in company Good Management Sound valuation of company

Now if u have gained a bit of experience and good at maths and charts there are different ways u can make good profits from the stock markets.The candle stick charts,resistance level,breakout level and many other factors can help u earn $$ on the daily stock market

The best, sure-fire, never-can-lose stock market tips are these: buy before the price goes up; sell before the price goes down. What more can I tell ya”.

Investors are always looking for what they call “stock market tips” ; in other words, inside information.

However, you can be told that the Dow Jones will be up 10% tomorrow by George Soros and Warren Buffet and still blow your hard-earned cash. 

Two of the best stock market tips on that subject, keeping you losses manageable, are: never get married to your stock holdings, and never believe that your stock will go against the general market trend. Most people violate one of these stock market tips and wind up losing a bundle watching their position fall and fall.

According to most estimates, you can expect to earn an average of 10 to 12 percent annually from stock market trading — even with a very conservative portfolio. When you compare those returns to the three or four percent interest that the typical savings account pays, you can easily see why stock market trading is the better option.

Stock trading systems
Everybody who studies the market closely will eventually think that they have found the secret of all stock trading systems. That includes beginners as well as the pros. However, when you say the phrase “stock trading systems” the immediate thought is that you are talking about some way to forecast the future. That is true, but only partially.

If you are anxious to find some stock trading systems that have been proven beneficial over and over, hop on Google for a closer look. Getting started with stock trading systems can be a rewarding path if pursued in the right way. It’s all about knowing the game.

Some very good links to sites that give u information to make wise decisions

* Indicates majority of the site is free.
Investment Advice:

*My first sources would be Yahoo finance page it has a lot of resources, maybe too much. But it is very useful.

*I would also use Goggle business news fficial_s&topic=b” target=”_blank”> fficial_s&topic=b
It gives a good idea of the current news. You can also use the news search of specific topics& Reuters and Bloomberg must be put into this category also but are very good news sources

Get Investment Advice:
A very popular investment site is Motley Fool. the subscription gives investment advice. They have a nice track record
*There is a nice article How To Pick A Financial Professional by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

*There is a nice article How To find the current top paying stocks in the australian stock market
*I can’t help but recommending myself email me Randy Durig at or go to my site You find we have a unique approach that has been very successful based on several national rankings in performance. We have a free research and email program
322……Pension and investment advice

Pension and Investment Advice:
*There is a lot of information at possibly too much again at you could also go to their forum.

There is retirement planning consulting at Retirement planning services @ Retirement-plan. Us and they do your complete retirement planning for a low fee.
I would suggest also AARP they AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization for people age 50 and over.
308……Stock investment advice 151……Stock market investment advice 48……Free advice on stock investment 41……Investment help advice
Stock Investment advice:
Value line is very highly regarded in the industry you can often get it free by going to your public library
*A lot of people talk about Jim Cramer at he like to give his opinion. Right or wrong I would stick with value line first.
Forbes also has a online service and is well respected
Strategic investors might look at something like an asset allocation this style of investment management is what the many of the top pension and trust use. You might go visit Asset-allocation at

Stock Market Investment Advice:
*You might want to review the NASD site they help manage and run the stock markets.
Free Advice on Stock Market: Investment Help advice:
*Market watch is very popular and has a loyal following it’s a free service owned by the Wall Street Journal
*To major websites that cover stock market news and CNN money you’re able to revive breaking news.
*Many in the industry use Microsoft’ss money central at I’m sure you have an opinion on Microsoft but they have a nice website
*Individual articles a little unique and different are at Investment-Investment more focused investment articles than news at
147……Advice friendly gay investment 42……Advice gay independent investment
Advice friendly Gay Investment: Advice Gay Independent investing:
*Gay City has a banking and finance section at it seemed a bit promotional but this category did not have a wide solution
*Another website that has a focus on gay but it was more on the carrier and business then on investing at business page
*An investment forum opens both social issues and openly gay investments forum at outforprofit
*It’s only in beta but it focus on gay financial news at possible quite good it’s hard to tell with beta sites
164……Free investment advice 49……Free financial news investment advice
Free Investment Advice Free Financial News Investment Advice
I put a couple of blogs to review and another forum

*Personal financial advice blog pretty basic more on finance than investing
*Wealth today again pretty basic on most issues
Most of the sites I’ve recommended are free it they have a * the majority of the service is free
154……Advice investment management 66……Investment portfolio advice 31……Advice on investment strategy

Advice Investment Management: Investment Portfolio Advice:

Three websites to possibly review are Russell investment group at they manage the Russell indexes. A well respected approach to investing
Money managers. They have a none bias approach to select the best money managers for you at I like their style.
Advice on Investment Strategy:
*A whole column based on different investment strategies this is again a more focused approach
*I must give myself a recommendation again since we are so very high nationally at
99……401k advice investment 79……Retirement investment advice Add……Roth 401k advice investment
401k advice investment: Retirement Investment advice: Roth 401k advice investment:
*401k advise at Retirement-Retirement has a whole category of articles on 401k and also a almost as large of category on Roth 401ks; it’s a more focused approach with lots of material along with forum also appears non-biased
*Invest-faq has a nice article on 401k It gives a general feel for 401ka and a lot of others items quite basic and non-biases.
*My 401k plan it also appear non-biased and has a focus on the 401k issues.
42……Mutual fund investment advice

Mutual fund Investment Advice:

Morningstar is regarded as one of the best way to follow mutual funds often the service is free at your local library this is possibly the benchmark of the industry.
*Fundadvice is one of the leading websites with a focus on mutual funds. 25……Advice ethical investment
Advice Ethics Investment:
Wall Street needs a lot more ethics both at the individual and firm level.
*Securities Regulations Advice for the Individual Investor Helps guide the small investor
*You might want to review the NASD site they help govern the stock market
*A forum set up just for ethics and fraud is at to see multiple articles on this subject.
Disclosure: Randy Durig has a personal interest in some of the recommendation. Durig capital is a registered investment advisor at or call me 971-732-5119.

Past performance is no guarantee for future gain Statistics Source.
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  3. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.

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