Swine flu And stocks

So Biota Holdings pty Ltd    shares have rocketed. the smart and alert might have made a bundle. But is it too late to get in ? As they say with the lotto β€œ you gotta be in it , to win it”.   To be in the stock game you have to take risks , but not foolish risks.

SHARES in Biota Holdings have been given a big boost by a surge in sales of its antiviral inhalant, Relenza. But a sharp rise in the share price before the news was made public has caught the attention of the market regulator.

Investors Catch Flu; Banks Catch Credit Losses

In other news – Acquisition-hungry Canadian agribusiness powerhouse Viterra Inc. [VT-T] has made a bid to buy Australian firm ABB Grain Ltd. for $1.16-billion (U.S.), ABB reported Tuesday. If any of you would have watched  the abc  businessnews section hosted by Alan Kohler , he did mention that  there was a flurry of activity in buying shares before the news got out. What about  that ? Huh

ALL flights into Australia from North or South America will have to report any passengers with flu-like symptoms before the aircraft is allowed to land.

Responding to the swine flu outbreak, Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon announced on today that the Government was moving immediately to the "next phase of protection" against the disease.

so who want some pork chops Now ?

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