The speculator has moved

As you can see from my this old post about David Haselhurst – speculator, i am a big fan of this man who seeks out the penny stocks and make them do thier magic on and on again as his portfolio has all the time proved to us. I went recently to check on his tips and was suprised to see this message at Money magazine Link where he is a regular writer of the speculator Column.

This is what the Message displayed


April 6, 2009

The Speculator is no longer appearing on ninemsn Money.

For more info, email

David haselhurst used to write for the bulletin before he started writing for monay magazine

Where is david haselhurst now ?

Eureka report has lured david haselhurst who used to write the specualtor column on the internet for money magazine.

Also read about one of my other fav columnist >> marcus padley

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