Trade stocks Via sms with your mobile phone now

In this emerging market with new really competitive brokers .everyone is vying for the slice of the stock broking market. Even though its volatile times . There are still astute traders going about their business making the most of the volatile times and still making a profit.

Fresh UPDATE :

COMSEC with the launch of Iphone In the market has come out with a nice
little software package to make trading on your new
iphone easy and convenient. So now if you are a busy trader
that is on the move or a trader that needs to do thier buy and sell
discreetly comsec
Mobile trading is a nice new option for trading with your
Check it out here

“CommSec’s iPhone trading application suits a significant proportion of our clients who require instant online access allowing them to place orders anywhere, at anytime,” said CommSec managing director Matt Comyn in a statement.

And bell direct has got a handy new feature to make broking much easier as well while you are on the move .Now you can trade via your mobile phone with just sending a sms. You can buy , sell and cancel orders just by sending a sms.

check out their features below

SMS Sharetrading enables you to keep in touch with the market and your current orders whilst you are on the move or away from your PC. In addition to being able to place orders, amendment and cancellation instructions, SMS sharetrading enables you to check live prices and orders on your trading account.

Message received from your mobile all 0.55C per sms ( broking fees not included normally $15 a trade )

  • Place Order
  • Amend Order
  • Cancel Order

In other trading news E*TRADE members and customers can now configure their mobile device preferences from their PC at or directly from their Internet-enabled phone or personal digital assistant. Users can customize mobile watch lists, market updates, key indices, and bookmarks to leading wireless content sites through a simple step-by-step process.

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