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I  an a part time home trader  and the bank provided trading platforms work for me well.

Comsec trading platform New features

I  have now been trading  for a while on comsec  with their new upgraded platform and it definitely is much better for home traders , even though a bit slower. I discovered a nifty little  link today , i was surprised when i clicked on Position in the market ( under shared orders/ Manage orders) that it actually shows  where  my  trade is in the line  and how many before me in the line before my trade can be possibly executed.

I am quite pleased with this feature  and will be using is much more often to check my trades..I put in a trade for AGO today @ 1.53 buy so lets see what happens

Here is the pic below showing my trade waiting in the line. now i wish the people catching the 69  Bus number as well was so  tardy  and stick to the rules and formed a line.

comsec your position for your trade  in the line Trading australia

Bell Direct is also good

Btw My other trading platform, that  i use is Bell direct , i like the free research i get over there in addition to the $15 trades.

ASX under that Code trading

Here are some more trades i was watching today !! Good Luck !

Let me know what features you like  in your trading platform and which trading platform you think is value for money

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