TRF AND CWK good buys says speculator

Trafford resources today  TRF @ 0.42

Trafford’s holdings in both Robust and Ironclad are together worth more than twice Trafford’s current market
capitalisation. Earlier in June, Trafford’s geologist chairman, Ian Finch, presented a paper at the Gold Coast
Resource Showcase conference. In it, he estimated the then value of each Trafford share was 42.5¢, based on a
value for its Ironclad holding of 19.2¢, Robust at 18¢, cash backing at 1.2¢ and an interest in its Lynas Find gold
project in WA at 6.1¢. It included no value on its 20% free-carried interest in the Wilcherry Hill gold-copperuranium prospect in South Australia.

coalworks and trafoord reources shares price speculator

Trafford’s primary focus is exploring for Iron Oxide, Copper, Gold and Uranium (IOCGU) deposits at the Wilcherry Hill Project in South Australia’s Gawler Craton. Trafford recently discovered large quantities of high grade magnetite iron and is currently investigating the feasibility of establishing iron ore operations at Wilcherry. Gold associated with some of the iron could be a major beneficial by-product.

Trafford also owns the Lynas Find Gold Project in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where it believes that significant gold reserves may remain from past mining.


pdf IronClad Outlines Feasibility Study for Start Up

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Registered Office Address
Level 2, 679 Murray Street, WEST PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6005

Head Office Telephone
(08) 9485 1040

Head Office Fax
(08) 9485 1050


Coalworks is a growing, ASX listed energy company focused on building an inventory of large coal assets
in world class coal provinces and bringing them into production and profitability. Coalworks owns the Vickery South coking and export thermal coal near Gunnedah. The initial phase of drilling has delineated a JORC inferred 42 Million tonne coal resource

On 30 April 2010 Coalworks signed a Joint Venture Farm in with ITOCHU Energy & Mineral Australia Pty Ltd a subsidiary of trading conglomerate ITOCHU Corporation providing for ITOCHU to contribute up to $11 million to earn 49% by the completion of a bankable feasibility study. An off take and marketing agreement is envisaged where ITOCHU will purchase or arrange sale for the expected coking and thermal coal from the project. ITOCHU, whose turnover exceeded US$34 billion in 2008/9, has extensive experience in developing and investing in coal mines in Australia and marketing and selling coal.


Coalworks (ASX: CWK) has a primary focus on coal mining and production.  The Company has grown rapidly through acquiring new exploration leases, positive drilling results and developing innovative clean coal strategies to add value to its coal asset portfolio.Coalwork’s Oaklands resource had been upgraded to an inferred and indicated thermal coal JORC resource of 760 million tonnes – (indicated 212Mt, inferred 548 Mt) and a bankable feasibility study was well underway.

Internet Address

Coalworks (ASX: CWK) has reported that the shareholders of Orpheus Energy Limited have approved the transaction for the acquisition of Coalworks’ Hodgson Vale and Ashford projects and its wholly owned subsidiary, Orpheus Energy Group Pty Limited.

Coalworks Ltd said on December 10, 201 that the shareholder meeting to consider the Boardwalk Ferndale Pty Ltd placement and ancillary matters associated with the Ferndale coking/thermal coal project joint venture would be held on

13 December 2010 – Coalworks Broadcast on JV with Nathan Tinkler`s Boardwalk

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