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As comsec is my prefered stock broker for price and  features ..I thought i would list some new changes  that i am  so haapy to see  on thier website  which would be effective from january 18  2008

One of my pet peeves  were the  limited number of list you could create and  the absence of  top movers list  on thier welcome pages , but they are all implemented , so looking forward to use thier new website.. You can have a look at Comsec Broking here


To see the full details of the latest upgrade copy and paste this link into your browser: comsec.com.au/public/news.aspx?id=913







Watchlist/Custom Portfolio updates

We’ve updated the Watchlist and Custom Portfolio functions so that you can now:

Create an unlimited number of lists.

View trade count and total value traded in your equities watchlist.

Sort by any of the information columns.

Market Depth

We’ve added new fields to our Market Depth screen, so you can easily see total buyers and sellers, 52-week high and low, total trades and the total trade value for that day, trading status and percentage change from the last closing price.

Course of sales

With the course of sales page, you can:

View the details of today’s trades for any particular stock, warrant, indice and interest rate security.

Filter at two different levels – last 20 trades or All trades for that day.

Trade Options online
It’s now easy to trade single leg ASX equity Options and index Options online on the CommSec website.

Good for day orders
You can now choose when your order will expire, in 20 ASX trading days or at the end of the day it was placed.

Conditional orders
Access an expanded range of conditions and triggers with improved Conditional Orders, including volume, time and order style.

Choose your homepage
You can now choose what page you’ll see once you’ve logged in, choose between Market Depth, Watchlist, Custom Portfolio, Company Profile, Order Status and Position Summary.

Historical End of Day Price downloads
We’ve added functionality to our existing end of day price information, so instead of being able to download for up to the last 20 trading days, you can download end of day price information from the date specified by you by a single code or a complete list.

Equities/Warrants trading statistics
You’ll now be able to view trading statistics for equities and warrants and group information to suit you, including Top % Rises, Top % Falls, Top $ Rises, Top by Trades and Top by Value.

Options trading statistics
To help Options traders keep an eye on the market, we’ve introduced a new page listing for the most active options series and active class in the current trading day

Warrants Market Monitor
Our new Warrants Market Monitor lets you find all warrants listed for a particular underlying security.


Comsec email : shares@commsec.com.au
Comsec contact number : 13 15 19

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