Who Is Aussie Rob lifestyle Trader ?

Aussie rob is still quite a popular search on the internet.. and keeps popping up on searches! why?

aussie rob

Is it because he is a magic formula trader or is it because he has marketed himself well online ,but there is more  hidden!!

So who is he ? – In his own terms on his website , as mentioned

G’day… My name’s Rob Wilson, or as I’m known in the industry, "Aussie Rob". I think it’s really important for those of you who do not know me as yet, to understand that I am a trader. I, just like you, have been looking for the holy grail. I retired from the Rat Race and traded for a living while traveling the world undertaking every course I could get my hands on, subscribing to all of those newsletters and buying countless pieces of software, books, CDs, videos bla la bla…
I finally found my calling in life, teaching others how to trade. In each of my training sessions the same old stumbling block kept raising it’s ugly head. Analysis Paralysis…. Virtually every trader that I came across was spending hours and hours analyzing trades. As if one computer screen covered with streaming data wasn’t enough…. Many had two monitors on their desks, some had three and even four.



A few comments from a forum here –


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It is just another front for a dead beat called Jamie Mcintyre. Check out ASIC for McIntyre info. Stay away.

Aussie Rob
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Any one been involved with the aussierob program..

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