Why is Facebook executives selling facebook stock !!

one of the top executive at social networking giant Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, has sold $91 million of the company’s stock, according to US securities filings.

Spotlight on International-stock bargains

Facebook shares that launched  recently  sold at their initial public offering in May 2012 for  a nice $38, but soon after plunged in value  with it recently trading in the $20 to $24 range . Only in the more recent past days it has recovered and surpassed that value.

Facebook company shares closed Friday at $38.50.



share price :

52 week low $17.55  52 week high $39.32

“Sandberg” still has a more than  25 million shares, representing approximately $1 billion in value , according to the  US securities filing, released late Friday

Investors in international stock mutual funds and ETFs have been in a world of hurt. But now the managers of those funds are spinning the globe and finding bargains among the bramble.


who own’s facebook shares ?

One owner we all know

Mark Zuckerberg

Status: Founder, CEO
Age: 27
Residence: Palo Alto, CA
Education: Two years at Harvard University
Facebook stake: 28.2%
Value: $24 billion


Accel Partners

Status: Venture Capital Investor
Founded: 1983
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Facebook stake: 10%
Value: $8.5 billion

Dustin Moskovitz

Status: Former Employee
Age: 27
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: Two years at Harvard University
Facebook stake: 7.6%
Value: $6.5 billion


These are the three top  facebook shareowners  with other owners being digital sky technologies , Eduardo saverin , Sean parker, Peter thiel and Sheryl sandberg (Currently $86 million; $1.8 billion after shares vest )

Interestingly  Microsoft is also a owner

Status: Corporate Investor
Founded: 1975
Location: Seattle, WA
Facebook stake: 1.6%
Value: $1.36 billion

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