Look Ma its Woolworths In Bunning’s clothes!!

The cards are drawn and  the players are all eyeing each other. Its a game worth billions and your guess is as good as mine or any others. The big  players on the table are Woolworths , Coles and Costco.Times are changing .. can we pick a winner ?


Probably not. Costco has arrived on the scene and  there will be definitely 2 big brothers ( Woolworths and Coles ) keeping a very close eye on their new American rival costco.

The question is “will Costco be able to pull a share of this big grocery  market from its established  rivals and create a new niche for supermarkets with its wide range including  electronics”. As we already know Coles and Woolworths  are very smart with thier pricing strategy  and have been often accused of  pricing out competitors. it would be interesting to see how they manage this big rival.

Check their share value 




It is even more interesting to see Woolworth’s new change in strategy of trying to get wesfarmers  share of the market. Wesfarmers have done well this financial year and Coles  is starting to claw  coles supermarket competitionsback the market it lost to  Woolworths. Now Woolworths is eyeing the hardware ( Bunning’s ) market.

Bunning’s is a brand well known with hardware and houseold  renovations  stuff all over australia. Its gonna be a hard  one for Woolworths to try and get Bunning’s share  who have got into this section of the market and established themselves pretty well just like Woolworths have themselves established for Grocery.

costco supermarket australia

The question remains Can they do it  ? can they do it .. I’m very sure Woolworths reply will be “ we can fix it “  we can fix it “ in true bob  the builder style.

But it remains to be seen CAN WOOLWORTHS DO A BUNINGS !!

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